Monday, January 10, 2011

Real Goddamned Mail.

  • I don't like the current background. You should change it to some photos of students or professors.
  • I have a blog about education that I think your readers would really like. Could you put a link to it on your page?
  • Do your writers have to use so much vulgarity? I really doubt that you are all Ph.D.s at all with the kind of language you use.
  • I don't like the vid-shizzles. I think you should stop putting them up.
  • I like to read your page on my Blackberry, but it's too small. Can you make the font bigger so that when I see it on my phone I can read it. It's terrible the way it is now.
  • I think every one who posts should have to tell their institution and full legal name. You would see most of your complaining stop if that happened.
  • I hate this page and I'm never coming back.
  • Could you answer a question I had about a professor at Xxxxx College if I gave you her name?
  • How does this page work?
  • Will you please stop posting article from CNN and the Chronicle. Don't you think they pay someone a ton of money to write those articles, and don't you think you're ripping them off with your endless articles that you just flatout steal and put on your own page. It's an embarrassment how lazy you must be to put a CNN article up instead of writing your own thing. I hope you're embarrassed.
  • My roommate took a picture of my bare ass and he said he was going to email it to every website that had student and professor ratings. He said he'd put it up this week and I'm sorry to write you. But could you see if you received an email from If you did, please ignore it.
  • Why don't you publish your stories on the Chronicle website. They have a lot more readers than you and the text looks better on their website than yours.
  • What does it mean when you say CM correspondents? Are you telling me that 95 people write this shit? Losers.
  • Last time you published "real goddamned mail," I'd swear a lot of the complaints were about me, but you blacked out the name. Could you tell me if those comments were about me? I can tell I'm really getting to some of the readers. Funny.


  1. Priceless. The perfect way to inaugurate the new semester.

  2. Dear God...I resemble one of these.

  3. I wish someone would take a picture of my bare ass and mail it a bunch of places. But none of my friends seem to have a wide-angle lens.

  4. This is the funniest thing I've read in a long time. Precious.

  5. Do your writers have to use so much vulgarity?


  6. The name "Real Goddamned Mail" cracks me up. I do hope this is the official title of the mail feature.

  7. If anything, this is more proof that you can never live down to an audience's expectations.

  8. Who *are* these cowards?

  9. Question: Do your writers have to use so much vulgarity?

    Answer: Yes they bloody well do. Fuck yeah. Shit.

  10. Fuck! I didn't get the memo with my PhD telling me I couldn't use shitty profanity.


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