Friday, March 9, 2012

Why I Love Being the Moderator Here.

Katrina from Kemmerer writes:

I'm sorry the blog is a nightmare right now, and I'm sorry that you have to deal with the trolls.  I love College Misery to an unhealthy degree, and look forward to reading it every day.

I discovered RYS right before it was shut down, and cursed my unfortunate timing.  But I've been lurking at CM since Day One, baby!  I love the regulars, I love the new people (I start laughing as soon as I see Hiram's avatar, and that was even before the bathroom post). I love it when people come back, like Frod and Myra Adele Logan.  The small, sick part of my brain even enjoys the arguments, because they always get worked out.

CM makes me feel like I've finally found a community even though I never comment.  I'm so thrilled that there are smart, funny and academics who wouldn't look down on me for being just an adjunct, for just teaching at a community college, for only having my masters.  I'm so glad there are other dedicated teachers who get so sick of the shit they could spit.  My colleagues at the cc are truly wonderful, but they drank the kool-aid and everything is a Learning Experience - even regular student tantrums.  So without CM, I'd think I was alone in my outrage, and that's a lousy place to be.

So thank you so much for running all of it and for putting up with all of it.  You're performing quite a community service.

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  1. Holla what she said. I loves me some hot moderation. And I appreciate it so much.


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