Thursday, June 24, 2010

Some real content: What say you on Fish & student evals?

Has everyone read the NYT piece by Stanley Fish about student evaluations?

The good doctor (or is he evil?) takes a swipe at articulating the irrelevance of most student evaluations of courses and professors and then tries to wrangle that insight into the absurdity going on in Texas about offering profs incentive bonuses to please the snowflakes. Basically, it kinda-sorta sounds like you get an extra $10k if everyone gets an A.

I say: A's for everyone! To heck with an actual education, I got student loans to pay! Just gimme my pony money!

What say you?

Keep your response short and sweet. (No dissertation-length screeds, please.)


  1. I say, why thank you, Texas, for making the rest of us look good. And I hope you don't turn out to be an industry leader.

  2. At the place where I used to teach, department administrators used student evaluations as a way of avoiding the required in-class observations of the instructors. ("In-class evaluations? Of course not. *That* would be policing!")


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