Tuesday, November 3, 2015

And Kimmie Wants to Ruin Her Life

It's me, Kimmie of the Kensington Kimmies. After talking to Fab last night I decided to start a blog at acamiz.blogspot.com

You will be able to post directly to it through an email address that is available at that page.

It won't be perfect and I will never be able to emulate all the other sites, but it's a place where we can share. Come and check it out.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can email me at unrealmoderator@gmail.com

Friday, October 30, 2015

Thus the Misery Endeth.

My apologies to the final readers of the blog.

I spent some real money this week to get a more precise traffic count of the page. Last week, the high end estimate was that we were read by 0.219% of US college faculty. The low end estimate was actually 0.131%. (Unique visitors are tough to get a handle on.)

The page has been dying - oh, it's been dying for 10 years - as of late, and I don't think the enterprise should continue in this format.

I'm not as numbers conscious as other mods have been, but our traffic has more spam than real people, and it's clear to me from monitoring CM for 5 years that our reach is not sufficient to maintain the page anymore.

Many of you have written during other periodic lulls, and I can't tell you how much that has weighed on me and encouraged me to keep the page up. But I hit a wall this morning.

I know this place and RYS have been havens for so many of us with common appreciations of our profession, but those discussions will have to continue elsewhere.

To the folks who have worked on the page, and the readers, oh the readers who have supported it, thank you. RYS started almost 10 years ago. CM started more than 5 years ago. It's been my honor to be a part of an ongoing conversation that deserves more attention and care than it has ever gotten here or anywhere.

Courage, everybody.

Your pal,
Fab Sun

I Learn So Much from my Students

I learn so much from my students.  Often, they teach me more than I teach them.  For example, so far in the last couple weeks I've learned these wonderful new things.

Kant believes that morality is whatever the majority says it is, and that we should always do what the most people say we should do.

Freud was gay, because he was obsessed with penises.

Plato's theory of ideas is "stupid," because there's no scientific proof.

Buddhists are all "nuts" because they don't believe in Jesus.

The purpose of college is to get a good job, and learning about literature is a waste of time, because none of it is relevant to what they'll be doing for a job.

If you can't prove something to be true, then it's just a matter of opinion and all matters of opinion are equal.  Science proves that things are true.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Big Thirsty. What Class Do You Dread? From Itchy in Idaho.

Even though I know it is an important day, I am dreading tomorrow. My freshmen will pitch their research topics. Impossibly large like "Mistakes in World War II," and impossibly everything like "My Dodge Ram."

Q: What class or lesson do you dread each semester.

PS: Keep hope, misery, and the duck alive!