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Monday, September 22, 2014

"Oooh My Head." A Speedy Rant From Jeff in (Not That) Jamaica.

I have two sisters in class who sit at the back of the room. They are Irish twins, but act as if they share a brain (a small one). But they have their own phones and are doing that selfie thing before and after class, sometimes with me and the whiteboard in the background. (I had to ask them to stop posting to Instatweet during class on the first day.)

They are Internet celebrities. I mean it. There's an article on our college's newspaper about them. They murder cover versions of bad songs, talk styling, shopping, etc. They are annoying about 100X more than what annoying used to be.

In class last week I was doing (if I may say so) a terrific job of leading us all through some important new concepts for our next set of unit readings and projects. I was writing on the board, walking among them, getting some hard-won responses from some students who were willing to play along.

As I returned to the front, I spied the sisters in the back row, both with their phones to their faces.

"Marissa," I said, although I still don't know which is Marissa and which is Marisol, "what do you think of all of that?"

She put her phone down, looked at me, looked at her sister, did the eyeroll, and then said, "Ooooh my head."

Finally, a Good Idea.

If I win the lottery, I'm buying one of these for everyone on CM.

Annie Oakley

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Alton from Apollo Beach Updates Us On The World of Journal Publishing.

OK. I’m pissed.

I mean I am highly pissed.

Can someone explain to me what in the name of all that is unholy is going on over in academic journal land? Who is running the fucking show out there on the other side of Manuscript-MuthaFuckin-Central and the other submission applications these days? Some of us poor bastards are on the tenure-track, and don’t have time to wait for years and years for our shit to be reviewed. Or to be “in press” for sixteen months.

I have six pieces out under review right now. Here’s the status of each:

1. A co-authored piece on a character from a famous TV show that was written an initially submitted in July of 2013. Never heard from the journal. Pulled it in May of this year and submitted it to another journal. We wait.

2. Submitted a piece on how information technology employees push back against their managers. First submitted in May 2013. Never heard back after many inquiries. Pulled it at the one year mark year. Sent it to another journal in June of 2014. I wait.

3. A submission on the closing of a once popular social networking site. Sent October 2013. Pulled after 10 months of no action. Sent to another journal. I wait.

4. A piece on why IT pros quit their jobs. Been in revise and resubmit for over 16 months.

5. A analysis of the development of serial narratives in supernatural dramas on television. Submitted April 2014. No word yet.

6. Ethnographic research done at DragonCon. Submitted January of 14. Still waiting.

What’s making me really lose my everloving mind over this is that I just finished up editing a special issue of a journal. It took about a year from the time the call went out, to when it came out. It was my first time, and I really had no idea what the fresh hell I was doing, but I did it. It’s done. I got the hard copy in the mail today.

Sure, dealing with the authors was sometimes very painful - akin to pulling a hair out of my scrotum. But you deal. And you stay in contact, and you maintain contact, and you send out reminders, and you tell them you got their submissions, and you send the things out for review, and you maintain contact with your reviewers, and you do all of that shit. And you rant and rave and gripe and lose your shit in your office about all of it.

BUT you get the damn job done, because you know for a fact that there are people out there who need publications, who have to have pubs so they can keep their jobs, whose livelihoods are dependent on you.


We've had 2 requests now to host Beaker Ben's Twitter feed on this page.

I ran the CM Twitter feed and received a great deal of flak when I re-tweeted nutty, indecent, revealing, horrifying tweets from students, and so as the page started up again last week I decided not to mess with Twitter.

One of the most common complaints was that by re-tweeting items that college students had posted publicly, we were "mock[ing] specific, publicly recognizable, individual students."

Here are two ( 1  |  2 ) examples.

I got private mail about it, the former RGM did, and there were a fair amount of complaints about it in the comments. (There were even posts from correspondents decrying it.)

So I'm leaning toward not doing it again. If there's been a sea change in how the CM readership views this, please let me know. Email thingie is in the sidebar. It's orange.