Thursday, November 27, 2014

I Badly Miss Bitchy Bear. Here's a CM Flashback To A List of Things She Was Thankful For 4 Years Ago.


5. I am grateful that the sociopath who is the president of my university is too busy with his own career and thinking about himself to fuck with the faculty.

4 years Ago on CM. A Graph!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Speedy Millennial Technology Preferences Rant

You drove to campus, through freezing rain, at 8:00 AM, on the day we moved Friday classes to Wednesday to make up for Thanksgiving (a.k.a. the worst traffic day of the year), when I told you I wouldn't take attendance, so you could take a picture with your cellphone of something I projected on a screen, which I also put on Blackboard (and told you I put on Blackboard), then left with your phone to go "work on a paper", instead of just staying home and logging into Blackboard.  

WTF is wrong with you kids?


Ask Adam: Top 5 Greatest Fears...of Grad Students.

RYS Flashback. A Top Ten All Time Post. 9 Years Ago Today.

Bursting with Love - or Maybe Turkey - Someone from Minnesota Finishes a Set of Essays.

Dear Students,

I've just spent half of yesterday and all of this morning going through your latest essays. They're horrid. Each one of you has disappointed me in some essential way. I hold each early draft and finished draft next to each other, remember the conversations we had about working on the paper, developing it, and then I read the final draft and see NONE of those changes, none of those revisions. It's as if I gave 2 conference days to you for no reason other than to give myself a chance to make my cold worse. Why do you think I offer suggestions? Why do I ask questions about your work? Why do I care more for your essays than you do?

The Rest.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Here's To You, Table 1. From Dr. Amelia.

Occasionally, I am futzing with the technology - waiting for the projector to warm up, changing the screen resolution, etc. And, like Linda Richman, I give them a topic to discuss among themselves.

Tables 2-4? It's time to text your friends not in the class.

Table 5? "Professor? Will this be graded?"

Table 1? They are pulling out their course notes. Choosing sides to debate the issue. Raising their hands to ask clarifying questions.

Tables 2-4, you will serve food to Table 1 one day.

Table 5, you will never advance in Table 1's company.

Table 1, you kids are going to rule the freakin' world.

Penny the Parent, The All Time Thanksgiving Flashback!

Flava from 6 Years Ago:

If 12,000 Proffies Typed For 12,000 Years, We Could Never Come Up With this Shit. Penny the Parent Sends a "Boo Fucking Hoo."

This parent is worried. The Student has one of those Unfortunate schedules and one of those Intractable (but hot, according to RMP) fascists, I mean teachers who is making that Thanksgiving getaway darned near impossible. The only way for the Student to get out of Uni town is Greyhound... the Student will arrive at the Crossroads of America (NY Port Authority) at Midnight, because hot teacher INSISTS ALL Students attend afternoon class or be penalized grade wise. The Student is worried.... The Parent ? The Parent is mighty pissed.

The Whole Thing:


And then Some of the Responses from RYS Readers:

Penny the Parent? Now a Pinata!

If Penny Parent got wind that any prof was regularly cancelling classes, arriving late, skipping out early, taking vacations during the semester, she'd want that prof's hide. 'How dare that prof not respect the fact that I pay his salary? I want what I'm paying for - classes for Kiddo!' Penny reveals what she really wants -- puppetmastery. Profs should only cancel classes or suspend attendance policies when it makes sense for family planning (I mean, employer planning, oops).