Monday, May 25, 2015

Grade-Grubbing Grief: The Bargaining Stage

Or maybe this is still the denial stage. What do I know?

"I have 57% on the written assignments, 58% on the quizzes, 58% on the final, 98% attendance, and 77% on the midterm, so my total grade is 347%. Does that mean I pass?"

"Beach Week" creep

There's a long-established tradition in my neck of the woods of high school seniors taking off just after graduation for "beach week."  It causes a good deal of (understandable) debate, angst, worry, etc., etc. as parents and other responsible adults consider how best to avoid death, dismemberment, destruction of property, DUIs, et al., while still allowing the graduates to have some fun and experiment a bit with the greater freedom they'll soon experience in college.  But all in all it seems like a reasonable-enough practice. 

Given this tradition, when someone at church first mentioned a college-aged offspring's "beach week" plans a few Sundays ago, I assumed the college student was going to join friends a year or two younger for the high-school-grad beach week.  But apparently there's another "beach week" tradition (how long-established, I'm not sure, but I don't think it was around in my college days): students from our flagship state U (and perhaps some other local schools, perhaps especially those who belong to fraternities/sororities) take a "beach week" every year after their exams are over.

From Reg W. Whose Father Died 48 Years Ago From Injuries Sustained Years Earlier In Suwon.