Monday, April 27, 2015

"Heaven Help Us." From Dr. Amelia.

So Dr. Amelia, being a generally genial and civic minded sort, volunteered for a committee at her progeny's high school and went to the first meeting of that committee this weekend. It's a committee of mostly parents, but also supports the H.S. hamster fur weaving committee, so several of the teachers in the Hamsterology program were there as well.

When the business of the committee was concluded, there was a lengthy period of parent, um, how to put this, ... bitching about the school's EduSpy software. In this software, teachers can keep an online grade book and students can see how they are doing, etc. Apparently, every. single. one. of the parents there checks this resource on behalf of their students daily.

I know this, because of statements like "It's so frustrating, because it only covers what has happened, not what's going to happen. So how do I know what my kid has due in a few weeks?"

Dr. Ameila, being a generally genial sort, kept her big mouth shut, all the while thinking "Didn't you already go to high school? Isn't this your kid's homework, not yours?"

I had to come home and give the progeny a hug. She's not the best student, but at least she manages her own stuff.

Oh my.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

End-of-semester Sunday-evening Cri de Coeur

Why, oh Why, oh WHY don't they (can't they? won't they?) follow the #$@&*! directions?!?!?!

Wensleydale, this is stupid stuff

Wensleydale, this is bullshit. You have it better than you think, certainly no worse than anybody else here, and whatever you perceive to be worse is surely your own damn fault. But you recognize none of this because you are always so very, very right.

 At lunch during my interview day here, one of the search committee pulled me aside to alert me not to be put off by your tendency towards officiousness. An hour later, in my private interview with you, I got to hear of your vast achievements and acts of academic derring-do -- it was actually the easiest interview that day, because I hardly had to say a word. When I was hired, I tried not to let that episode poison the well for future interactions, and I am still trying to give you the benefit of the doubt, fool that I may be.