Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Re:I want the Hindi version?

Dear Mr./Mrs. Misery:

I am Sarah from New Delhi,I am working in a translation company in New Delhi,
I am good at translation,
English to Hindi, or Hindi to English, as I am India based, I know very well about Hindi Language.
Do you want me to translate any docs for you?

Best Regards.

Sarah Supal

New Delhi, India

Monday, October 24, 2016

The Back Row Boys

Dr. Amelia's merry band of freshpersons is ticking along as such things usually do, and she is generally enjoying the semester, thankyouverymuch

However, she has a puzzling subculture within the merry band - the Back Row Boys. This group of future fraternity brothers is just not as on top of things as the rest of the students. Other gentle ladies and men take notes. They participate. When the Amazing Amelia throws out questions, they sincerely think about answers. The Back Row Boys come it exactly on time, sit and stare (except the one who texts under his desk the entire class) and pack up early, packing up meaning replacing the baseball cap on the head.

They are not generally troublesome, they are just there. They are very nearly all finance majors, and even when Dr. Amelia has modified class plans to try to speak to their interests, nothing. Their grades are mixed - some do well, some do quite poorly, but this is true of the others as well. They are just there.

All Tweeter?

It's not my call, but why don't we go on Twitter instead. This page is struggling, and has for many many months. I feel some ownership of it because of my time as mod and my years on the site. I love it, but I love mostly what it was.

Without OPH, Cassandra, Amelia, Frod, and a handful of others, it wouldn't have any content at all, and it makes me sad to go back even a year ago and see how much livelier it was.

It's been suggested here before by Ben, Cal, and others that the old blog model just doesn't carry the freight as it once did. Tech changes, you know, and Tweeter is probably dead already, too, but I feel empathy pains for poor Fab, who I suspect sits in between classes and checks for new posts that don't come.

Maybe I'm out of bounds, and I've even been blamed for damaging the page in the past, but maybe a shakeup is necessary.

Sorry if this navel-gazing is annoying to some.

Terry P.