Sunday, January 25, 2015

ASU Modifies Plan Forcing Instructors To Teach 5/5.

Arizona State University angered many of its faculty members last month when it announced that it was upping full-time, non-tenure-track composition instructors’ teaching loads to five classes per semester from four, without any additional pay.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Hey, I've Just Recently Found Out That Lots of Readers Hate the Mascots. And Enough Time Has Passed Since I Was Told How Much People Hate the Flashbacks. So, Here We Go Again. Remember. The Page is Dying. It's Always Dying. 8 Years Ago.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Old School: Tammy in Topeka is Tired of T.
I can't resist the chance to put the smackdown on T. who is in my English Composition class this term.

He was home schooled, preciously so, and he works that detail into every discussion. He won't shut up. He comments on everything I say and everything anyone else says. He tells us, "This is the way it is for home schoolers. We're very active and involved."

After someone in class read her opening paragraphs to us, his comment was, "I wouldn't read any more of that. I think that maybe she needs a new topic entirely; Dr. Tammy, what do you think?" When someone in class quietly said "Harsh," he replied: "This is how it is for me. I'm all about telling the truth, and sometimes people don't want to hear it. But that's my way. People either really love me or really hate me." (You can imagine how that was met by his classmates.)

Three times in four classes we've heard how T. doesn't watch TV, and certainly doesn't read the "porn and obscenity" on the Internet. He was taught by his family in the "great books tradition," and he doesn't understand why our class in expository writing can't do the same thing. When asked to purchase the textbook for our class (a writing rhetoric with instructions and assignments about writing short essays), he said, "Can't I find the same stories and poems in one of the anthologies I already have?"

After each of the classes so far T. has stuck around to deconstruct the class with me. He said yesterday, "I think that went pretty well. I could tell that S.'s feelings were hurt, but I think it's better she learns now that her essay isn't good rather than later. I'm sure she'll thank us later."

I'll admit I'm a young professor, but I've never had a student like T. I suppose some of you will say it's good that he's so involved, but this early on he's already sucked all the life out of that classroom, and I don't know how to rein him in so that others can have a voice as well.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Mascot of the Day.

Awesome Squirrel
Faber College

What part of "I'm a lazy lousy moderator" don't you get?

  • I'm not interested in refereeing pissing contests held in the comments. 
  • If you post or comment, live with the consequences. Kimmie, I took yours down as a one time courtesy. If you don't know by now that Frod condescends to humanities profs then you've not been paying attention. 
  • Nobody needs to announce they're leaving the blog, Reg W. If it's not for you, then it's not for you. It's not like we are all sharing the rent and utilities.  
  • The page shouldn't be a chore for anyone. Dig it? Don't dig it? Either is okay. 
  • Somebody get Leslie on the hotline. She was the toughest of all of us. 

Stat Porn.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Solution: Don’t work quite as much

Dr. Jekyll:  I say, Hyde, the fine folks at Iowa State University seemed to have solved the conundrum that is faculty work/life balance.

Prof. Hyde:  The University of Corn?  What do they know about this issue?

Dr. Jekyll:  Well, it seems their Faculty Senate President-Elect told them not to work quite as much.

Prof.  Hyde:  Ah, well, that does solve it!  I should be more respectful of Iowa State University.  Perhaps for their next trick they will invent a time machine.