Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Just Imagine that Sophie Is A Duck.

Animal Therapy Reduces Anxiety, Loneliness Symptoms in College Students

from the Georgia State U News

Animal-assisted therapy can reduce symptoms of anxiety and loneliness among college students, according to researchers at Georgia State University, Idaho State University and Savannah College of Art and Design. Their findings are published in the latest issue of the Journal of Creativity in Mental Health.

The researchers provided animal-assisted therapy to 55 students in a group setting at a small arts college in the Southeast. They found a 60 percent decrease in self-reported anxiety and loneliness symptoms following animal-assisted therapy, in which a registered therapy dog was under the supervision of a licensed mental health practitioner.

Eighty-four percent of the participants reported their interaction with the therapy dog, Sophie, was the most significant part of the program


Forget the Burners. What About Bullies? From the USA Today.

Bullying not a thing of the past for college students

By: Kaitlyn Krasselt

Bullying comes in all forms but is usually thought of as a K-12 issue that ceases to exist once students head off to college.

This misconception is one that could be harming many college students, according to Brian Van Brunt, President of the National Behavioral Intervention Team Association and author of the book Ending Campus Violence: New Approaches to Prevention.

“I think it’s that perception (college) a blank slate,” Van Brunt says. “Once high school’s over it’ll be a whole new experience, but the problems don’t go away. These things don’t just disappear … I would argue they get worse because you’re adding stress … Why would that get easier not harder?”


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pumpkin Riot.

An interesting headline on BBC World News caught my eye - there was a "Pumpkin Riot" in Keene, NH.

From the video footage, it would appear that the rioters were "young people" i.e. college students from Keene State College.

It would make me feel better if college students rioted about something substantive, rather than simply doing so as a consequence of the presence of booze, or having a popular football coach suspended.

-- Prof Poopiehead

Hiram Is Here, and He's Baffled By All the Bakers.

Well, I hardly don't want to start this. Because I was a full on stoner in college. I went to lots of classes baked and failed some and took my punishment and got my shit together to finish in 5 years! Hooray! At a state school!

Anyway, during most of the 2000s, I just didn't have many students like that. I sensed they had their fun on the weekends, and found enough beer cans around campus on Monday mornings to know they were partying.

But in the past couple of years, I'm catching a whiff of weed in classes. Am I crazy? Is there an uptick in pot smoking in the 2000-teens?

I have a 9 am class and it's a little cramped. (We don't have Yaro's yawning windows!) We've had some cool mornings recently and I can smell weed on the jackets and sweaters of some students. It's not overpowering, and nobody is like Spicoli, but at least a few students seem blissful and peaceful and ready to listen - but not talk - as we cover some bitching Walt Whitman.

What's it like where you are? Is pot making a comeback? Do you have boozers? Do cokeheads still exist? Do meth kids even GET to class?

I'm baffled, and I knew right where to turn!

PS: To the RGM, please note I sent this in on Tuesday; that used to be my day! Oh, the new kids don't care.

Today's VidShizzle: Ask Adam!

We love the scientist / TV star Adam Ruben quite a bit. In fact we pushed the shit out of his brilliantly funny book some years back.

We get word that he's doing a new web video series for the Journal of Visualized Experiments (a video-based scientific journal). It's called "Ask Adam about Grad School." It's meant for grad students in the sciences, but most of the advice is fake anyway, and most of the explanations involve toddler toys.

Here's the first episode.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Give me a caption!

Time for a caption contest.

Let's do this in the comments section.

Quick Reminder from The RGM.

As noted when I reopened the page in September, I'm just working an hour a day, so don't be forlorn if you don't hear back from me about links or posts you send. I'm usually online with the email and the blog around 9 am eastern, but truly don't see anything until the next day. But I will address any questions or requests the very next time I'm logged on.

Ten Before Tenure encourages learning at Boise State. From the Boise State Arbiter.

If Socrates were alive today, he wouldn’t get tenure. This is largely because he polluted the minds of his students with ideas and had a tendency to shake things up.

At Boise State, students don’t really have the Socrates problem. Sometimes, however, they get a tenure-track professor who takes a safer approach to teaching, which helps them secure tenure but negatively impacts the overall experience for students.

“There are certainly people who get very comfortable teaching in a particular way and, for most of their careers that’s the way they teach,” said Susan Shadle, director of the Center for Teaching and Learning.

For this reason, the Ten Before Tenure program was created.

The Rest.

What are college professors (not) teaching? From

We're the Danes
and we're living it up!
With two teenage daughters, I try to stay “relevant.” It’s not easy. So, I like to scout around the Internet to see what’s “trending” among teens and college students. What I find is sometimes fatuous. And mystifying.

A recent popular post “shared” on a college student’s Facebook page lamented life in the U.S. and extolled how wonderful it is in Denmark –the happiest place on earth! One person wrote, “Let’s follow Denmark! The Declaration of Independence states, ‘the pursuit of happiness is an inalienable right.’”

(Actually, the Declaration’s final draft was “unalienable,” but I don’t want to quibble.)

Photographs on the post displayed happy Danish faces with captions that read, “Free Child Care, Free Health Care, Free University, $20 Minimum Wage.” My favorite photo was a grinning guy with his feet propped up on his work desk accompanied by the words, “33 Hour Work Week!”