Saturday, July 23, 2016

We can be replaced, quatre cinq

No, I'm not reporting the the lack of buoyancy of a certain feline. I'm just unsure of how many posts we've had recently on the subject. Let's see: there was
Making the best of Clinton's new higher-ed plan from Frankie,
Our robo-proffie replacements: What could possibly go wrong?
also from Frankie (perhaps I sense a pattern), so that's un et deux, and there was possibly a third or fourth in there somewhere but I'm too lazy to find it (them), so mine is, well, you know, but it's not even a link to an article, it's to another blog (!) that's how fucking lazy I am right now (and pressed for time, but l prefer to think of myself as lazy than having the busiest summer of my life, because that would just be depressing).

The article: Meat Widgets and the End of College

Flava: This, in short, is a lousy idea.

Commentary: I agree. Good post!

---from OPH (almost too lazy to sign, but not quite)

Friday, July 22, 2016

Let's Flashback to 5 Years Ago Today...

You didn't teach me that!

I gotta get this out of my system or my head will explode....

I'm grading an exam in Moodle and asked how Squirrel Fur Weaving works.

A student answers: I don't know, but let me tell you all I know about Mouse Fur Weaving! [Explains in detail.] You must not have spent a lot of time on Squirrel Fur Weaving in class, because I take very good notes and I don't remember seeing anything about it when reviewing my notes.

My response: Well, we spent 90 minutes on it, I explained a worked example on the board, there was a handout LINKED from the schedule and there was an extra document with step-by-step instructions on how to do it, also LINKED from the schedule. Do I have to hide Pokémons in the files to get you to open them, or what?

Okay, I deleted that last sentence before pressing save. The audacity of this has me floored.

-- Suzy from Square State

Thursday, July 21, 2016

This Week's Big Thirsty From Terry P.

Below is my favorite ever Dr. Molly cartoon. She was here so briefly, and I miss her wit. Of course there are lots of people who've passed through these "halls" who have been central figures in our little amorality play. Yaro! Darla! Walter! Me!

Q: Who do you miss from the RYS/CM past? 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Welcome. How to Share Your Misery.

College Misery has been online since 2010, and we've always provided a (relatively) stress free location for faculty to vent the frustrations of an academic career. Oh, we don't care who you're mad at today. Colleagues, your dean, those damn snowflake students. We've even had terrific posts in the past about otherwise innocuous librarians! We can find our misery anywhere!!

In order to share your misery, simply use the green "to submit a post" icon at the top of the right sidebar. Write that post exactly how you want it to appear, and make sure to conclude the post with a user name - you know, Don from Detroit, Helen in Halifax, Mathology, etc. Your emailed post will go into a queue, and after the moderator is good and drunk, he'll check it, add a blurry graphic, and set it loose onto the page.

Further down the sidebar is a nice yellow icon for Fab, me, the RGM with the mostest. This is the link to use when you want to tell me what an asshole I am, or when you don't like the current background or font size.

Anyway, the point of the page is, we love our jobs and hate parts of them at the same time. We are not bad people. Well, Ben is, but most of us are good people. Well, Bubba isn't. And Archie. Cal neither. Wait. Some of us are good people. And we love to talk about the profession we chose. We even talk about ways to fix shit some time!

Anyway, as summer continues to crush us all, welcome, take a look around the archives, and let us know if we can help bring your misery to our readers.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Plagiarism, People, Really...Not Politics. Leslie K. Sends in a Link from the WaPo.

Anyone who knows me knows my political affiliation, and this note is really not about that.

But the Melania Trump / Michelle Obama plagiarism thing last night really got me thinking about how we value words, language, and really the sentiments we express at important times.

When Trump supporters were confronted with the evidence, it was clear they didn't give a shit about it. It was offensive to them that anyone would point it out.

And I thought...that's like my students! My students years ago would be embarrassed. I've had students cry! (Lots of them, but just about plagiarism in this case.) And now my students couldn't give a shit either. They feel they've been wronged when I point out something they ripped off of Wikipedia. I don't even want to bring it up sometimes because their inappropriate response makes me want to strangle them.

So when real life plagiarism arises, I like to watch how adults handle it...

The flava:
It’s not clear whether there will be any long-term political fallout from Melania Trump’s speech Monday night, in which she introduced herself to the nation with passages that closely mirrored a speech Michelle Obama first delivered eight years ago. But high school teachers and college professors say it is almost certain that if Melania Trump were a student turning in a paper — rather than a prospective First Lady giving a convention speech — the consequences would be serious, ranging from an F on the assignment to expulsion from school.
And the rest of the misery...

Updates. CM Lives.

Now, time for dinner!
Got an email from the provider last night saying that terms of service (TOS) complaints had reached a "threshold" and that the blog was being reviewed. One of the former mods had a good contact with a person from the provider and I'll try to make contact that way. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Will post updates as I learn more.

4:17 PM Orlando Time
Comments have been turned off.

5:09 PM Orlando Time
The blog will slowly come back online. It will likely be a mess for a couple of days. As expected, a series of TOS complaints came from bots, most of them from a university in the Pacific Northwest, which many of us probably suspected.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Comments will be on shortly.

5:26 PM Orlando Time
Also, you will need a Google account in order to comment from now on. May be temporary. I know some users have made use of the User Name option, but it leaves too much to chance.

A former mod did make contact with a Google person we've corresponded with in the past and everything is fine. There was no valid TOS problem. Just a shitpile of automatically created complaints that triggered some automatic processes.

BUT, the rep could not tell us why the page didn't just disappear altogether. It's been suggested we try one of the third party security logins for mods that will further protect mod's access to the page itself. It had nothing to do with our email, and of course in our current format there are no users listed on the blog, as all material is sent in direct to the RGM or the queue. A colossal fucking headache, but nothing that impacts the anonymity of our users.

5:46 PM Orlando Time
90% of the old posts are now online. Surely there will be some things to clean up. Thanks for your patience.