Sunday, June 27, 2010

Stupid Student Sexism, Exhibit A

The scene: College computer lab, 5 minutes before class.

Doofus Danny struts in with his pants almost around his ankles. Pulls up a chair, then shouts, "Ew, gross!" and pushes the chair away in disgust.

Me: "Wait, what's wrong? Did someone spill something on the chair?"

"There's, like, a dried-up dark spot on it. Disgusting. Some girl might've had her period on it or somethin'."

Riiiight, that conclusion is TOTALLY made of logic, because:
1) a menstruating woman defiles everything she touches;
2) female bodily functions are a disgusting threat to masculinity--be vigilant!; and
3) college women routinely go around bleeding through their pants and onto furniture.

Nice job with that sexist attitude, fucktard. Too bad a riot grrrl wasn't around to throw her tampon at you, retaliation-style.


  1. Classy. Perhaps one of his saggy-bottom pants peers left a skid mark on the chair.

  2. Well, since he wears his pants on the ground (lookin' like a fool and all), he apparently has little clue how others wear them.

  3. But as we all know, feminazis have taken over academe...


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