Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Student evaluation rundown. Or, I'm not listening to the crazy ones. La la la la la!

Picky Historian asked to hear everyone's favorite "WTF?" moments on evals. I have to say, my student comments run a very strange gamut.

I get my share of "WTF? Are you in junior high, with a crush on me?" comments:
I get some "Okaaaay, I get that's a compliment--but oh shit, WTF is the admin going to think of that?!?" comments:
  • "Feminist Snark 101 is the best class I ever had. It's not even like work. It's like therapy."
I get some "OK, I guess I'm flattered, but WTF--didn't you learn anything in this class?" comments:
  • "I love the way she dresses. I wish we could go shopping together! {Smilely face} {heart} {smiley face}"
Then I get the "WTF, you biatch! You're just retaliating against me for catching you plagiarizing" comments:
  • "OMG this woman is RACIST and I hope she never teaches here ever again!!!!!"
....Would someone please remind me why student evaluations count towards tenure and promotion again???


  1. Dr. Snarky has the best graphics.

  2. I had great one from a girl whom I asked repeatedly not to Facebook in class on those few occasions when she actually made it to class (and this after I generously offered to ignore most of her previous absences if she promised not to miss any more class): "He's evil and crazy. He's going to come to class with a gun and shoot everyone."

    What I actually fantasized about was getting canned because of a comment like this, and suing everyone.

  3. Isn't it fun getting defamed every term and then wondering if you'll get fired because of it, Captain?

    I guess many profs know exactly how Shirley Sherrod feels. I know I empathized with her ongoing problems.

  4. ERK! Unfortunately, people do take comments like that seriously; the little shit was probably hoping for a big stink that she could laugh at. Gah.

    A colleague of mine at a to-go-nameless college was (unjustly IMHO) denied tenure. When someone asked her, she said (imagine *very light tone*) that yes, she felt like killing someone but knew it was far more productive to get her shit together and move on. You guessed it ... the cops showed up. *eyeroll*


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