Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Student evaluation rundown. Or, I'm not listening to the crazy ones. La la la la la!

Picky Historian asked to hear everyone's favorite "WTF?" moments on evals. I have to say, my student comments run a very strange gamut.

I get my share of "WTF? Are you in junior high, with a crush on me?" comments:
I get some "Okaaaay, I get that's a compliment--but oh shit, WTF is the admin going to think of that?!?" comments:
  • "Feminist Snark 101 is the best class I ever had. It's not even like work. It's like therapy."
I get some "OK, I guess I'm flattered, but WTF--didn't you learn anything in this class?" comments:
  • "I love the way she dresses. I wish we could go shopping together! {Smilely face} {heart} {smiley face}"
Then I get the "WTF, you biatch! You're just retaliating against me for catching you plagiarizing" comments:
  • "OMG this woman is RACIST and I hope she never teaches here ever again!!!!!"
....Would someone please remind me why student evaluations count towards tenure and promotion again???


  1. Dr. Snarky has the best graphics.

  2. I had great one from a girl whom I asked repeatedly not to Facebook in class on those few occasions when she actually made it to class (and this after I generously offered to ignore most of her previous absences if she promised not to miss any more class): "He's evil and crazy. He's going to come to class with a gun and shoot everyone."

    What I actually fantasized about was getting canned because of a comment like this, and suing everyone.

  3. Isn't it fun getting defamed every term and then wondering if you'll get fired because of it, Captain?

    I guess many profs know exactly how Shirley Sherrod feels. I know I empathized with her ongoing problems.

  4. ERK! Unfortunately, people do take comments like that seriously; the little shit was probably hoping for a big stink that she could laugh at. Gah.

    A colleague of mine at a to-go-nameless college was (unjustly IMHO) denied tenure. When someone asked her, she said (imagine *very light tone*) that yes, she felt like killing someone but knew it was far more productive to get her shit together and move on. You guessed it ... the cops showed up. *eyeroll*

  5. Where I teach, student evals are given a lot of weight in terms of rehire rights for adjuncts and in terms of many other parts of the contract as well. Too bad they're regarded as so important, considering who's doing the evaluating.


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