Friday, July 16, 2010

Wedding Woes

Dear Online Ophelia,

Sorry I didn't turn my work in. I had to plan my wedding! Then I got married! Can I turn in all of my work, even though it is a few weeks late and I didn't ask for an extension ahead of time?

--Married Mary

Dear Married Mary,

Congrats! What an exciting time. However, the work cannot be turned in so late. Focus on what is left in this course, and if you have questions, let me know.

And while a wedding can take up a lot of one's time....let me tell you about my wedding. I couldn't get time off from the classroom. So before heading off to the ceremony, I was posting grades. And after the reception, I was answering student questions.

Couldn't get time off for the honeymoon either (well, I could get time off, but that's called, "No class and thus no money for 9 weeks"). So while in the tropics, I duly graded papers, answered questions, &c.

So if you are looking for sympathy, you are barking up the wrong Shakespearean character.

--Online Ophelia


  1. But Ophelia! It's *hard* being a Bridezilla!

  2. When *I* got married, it was uphill! BOTH WAYS!!!

  3. Who the Hell is dumb enough to take classes while planning a wedding? Check this woman's ring finger, because I'm smelling BS.

  4. 9 weeks -- so you're stuck at Axia hell too? (I stupidly took on some FYS classes, grrr.)


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