Monday, August 30, 2010


Today we reached 100 "posters," the limit for our page.
* * *
update: 1:29 Pacific time: Oh, and a quick update. It's 99 now, because one eagle-eyed reader suggested I don't need to post under both Fab Sun and College Misery, since everyone knows who I am. (Well, blog-wise at least.) I originally had both posting names so I could do my post my own "personal" misery as well when I wasn't occasionally doing "blog business." But, in light of our limit being reached, offering up another opening for one more voice seems like a more important We're at 99...who's #100?


  1. why is it always the same 5 people then?

  2. Congratulations. I love posters, and artwork in general.

  3. oh dear, the second joke on "posters..." haha. I don't know what to call them!!! anyone help? what do we call the people who are registered to post on this page? I'm dying for a cool term we can agree on.

    and what do we call commenters, people who comment but who aren't "posters."

    I need help...not just about this either, I guess!

  4. Hey, I think I'm #100! Can we have a party? Please???

    Let's call the "posters" contributors, or bloggers, or somesuch. Or we could drop the "t" and call them posers, but then some of the thinner-skinned might get a bit upset.

  5. CMers looks weird.

    "The Miserable"?

  6. I vote against "Posties!" I like the idea of being "posers," since it seems nobody believes that the people who post on this site are even real people. To go with "posers," I suggest we call those who only comment "ogres" since a lot of people seem to think they are just trolls in disguise.

    @Eating Low Salt: Simply because they are full of posts! Yeah, they are full of blog posts. Blog posts.

    @The main 5: That last part was a joke. Please don't kill me.

    Mathsquatch out.

  7. CM is a big group blog. The special 100 (hey, I like that) are bloggers. Everybody else (that's good too) are commenters.

    Yes, "The special 100" and "everybody else" could do just fine.

  8. Posties (rather than Postees?)is pretty close to pasties...Not that that's a bad thing. :)

    I doubt anyone is going to get pissed off over what you call us in your posts, Fab Sun so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

  9. Come on, I thought you were a bunch of English proffies here! It's obvious what we should be called:


    Now, where's my wine? It's back to work tomorrow, I wonder if I can find my desk.

  10. Holy crap, Suzy, that's PERFECT!

    Sending a nice bottle your way.


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