Wednesday, August 11, 2010

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Buying your degree at Graduate School -- $20,000
Buying books for online classes at Graduate School -- $500
Coming out illiterate and with less knowledge than you started with -- Priceless

U CN B COOL 2 -- "This is a Great Moment!"


  1. There wasn't a way to shorten "something"?

  2. In other (sorta) words:

    "We need more adjuncts!"

  3. Some random thoughts:

    1.) The "text" on this ad looks like it was written by someone who never texted before.

    2.) Isn't it misleading to call it the "Graduate School"? It's kind of like how in Oxford there are all sorts of schools with names like "Oxford English Academy" (no affiliation to the University) that bring in foreigners so they can say they "studied at Oxford."

    3.) It's also quite telling that the first email address you see on the Graduate School website is one for Customer Support.

  4. Ophelia: I shoulddddd be grading papers, but... I checked out the full text string in Seesmic and the text wouldn't shrink any further. Stupid Seesmic!

    Hmmmm... Maybe all of the students are just using newspeak and we're just not aware of it. Yet.

  5. This reminds me of the TV ad for "Education Connection" I have to cringe my way through 2 to 3 times a workout in the Uni gym.


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