Saturday, August 7, 2010

An End-of-Summer-Term Grading Haiku:

Troglodyte answers

My red pen runs out of ink

Darwin rolls over...


  1. I had to switch to pink ink...ewwwwwwww! It was like I was being all sweet and pretty with their atrocities against the very Fabric of Science. Ugh!

  2. I'm still grading (in pink ink...STFU). Then this lovely gem comes across my desk: There are 5 types of trophic levels: primary producers (plants), primary consumers (herbivores), and then carnivores, and decomposers, and...univores.
    Apparently they're kinda like omnivores, but they have hooves and a large, silver-white horn. Not only do they eat nectar & ambrosia, but feed off of the blood of mine enemies. To kill a Univore is a horrible crime (and it will turn you into a
    face on the back of a British character actor's skull). Perhaps I can catch one and train it to gorge on professors who won't. sign. my. thesis. papers.
    Then I could also use it as a mount in WoW...

  3. Wouldn't a univore only eat unicorns? Or maybe, like very stubborn children, only a single type of food?

  4. Beth, re: #2, that would make a top-notch addition to CM's student dictionary!

  5. I like grading in pink ink. And purple. And anything with glitter. Especially for the athletes.

  6. I prefer purple, but red is cheaper in bulk. And it looks like blood when I drench their papers with it.


  7. Quite often I returned material back to my students covered with my comments and, yes, I used red ink. I joked that the stuff was imported by tanker from a remote island in the south Pacific. I'm sure some of them believe me.

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