Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Message for Sneaky Stu

Dear Sneaky Stu:

Yes, I did get the message from the Evening College office asking me about adding you as an overload into my class. You told them you were dropped for non payment, and only just now got the money together to register, and my class is full now! And you told them how that was not fair! How you need this class because it is the ONLY time you can possibly drag your ass into the building. How you really need them to just add you to my class list right now, because you are a busy guy with lots of important places to go and anyway you need an answer RIGHT AWAY. Someone must have told you that people in that office sometimes add students in without asking the prof first. Yeah, they used to do that a lot.

But they don't anymore, pal! HAH! Now they call us and try to guilt trip us into taking you poor, pathetic little souls. So they told you (I was there you know, when they told you, on the other end of the phone) how I have a waiting list for that class. And how people who contacted me (via phone or email----it's not that time consuming) and ASKED will be given priority IF I end up taking overloads (which I won't do while there are other sections of the class available). But in the meantime, you wanted to stop by (found my office after all! And I'm here too! Surprise!) to say how it's just not FAIR that someone ELSE is on the waiting list ahead of little old YOU? Those money problems, they weren't your FAULT! And so you should be FIRST on that waiting list.

Have fun waiting for the Academic Dean to see you about this one! And I absolutely guarantee you I WON'T be seeing you this class this semester!

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