Thursday, August 19, 2010

the snowflakes aren't just in the school-desks...

Two days ago I got the following email from my Graduate Program Director. Here it is, verbatim:

beth thanks for your interest in TA'ing this term. nufortunately we dont have any open positions for you this term. perhaps you could tutpr through student services. sorry -cat

Then I get this email yesterday. Again, it's verbatim:

beth we've had a couple openings come up and i know you're keen to teach. so i've given you m/w micro (for majors) from 12-2pm and t/th human physiology from 1-3pm. according to the schedule you sent me at the beginning of hte term, this fix great. thanks for being flexible! and don't forget to get with the lab coordinators, since all the labs have had their first prep meetings.

thanks again -cat

(a) His initials are C. A. T. - it took me several minutes the first time I read an email from him to figure out what "-cat" meant...

(b) great grammar, asshole

(c) this does NOT fit my schedule, as I have a seminar every Wed at noon and class every Thurs from 12:30-1:45pm, as I told you in the schedule I sent you a month ago. Good to know you can read English (let alone type it).

(d) Majors-micro and human physio are 2 of the toughest TA gigs since the lab meets 2x a week, especially while taking a full load myself and teaching a couple random labs as a sub over the coarse of the term. I. Fucking. Hate. You.

(e) Did I mention, I. Fucking. Hate. You. I want you to die and be resurrected as one of the sea urchins you slaughter in your lab....

BPB out...I need more 3 am...and it's only 2 days into term...


(I feel better now) :)

Is it too late to go to med schoool and become a simple human mechanic?!?!?!?!?


  1. For my doctoral program, the classes we took were usually only offered at night and the classes we taught were almost exclusively during regular working hours (daytime).

    It often made for some incredibly long (and boring) days, but it made assigning TA-ships easy for admin. Which is one reason why they kept mandatory courses for grad students at night.

  2. After seeing "CAT" I started reading the e-mails in the voice of The Cat from Red Dwarf. I suggest you do this too-- it will make the experience much more rewarding.


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