Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tell Yer Friends. (At Least the Ones Who Can Write!)

There are now 25 spots available for new CM Correspondents. If you have someone who you think would enjoy writing and reading on the page, I encourage you to let them know.

I'm looking forward this week to some "first day" reports from proffies. Many schools nationwide start up this week, and that first slap to the mug in the Fall semester is often an essential part of our miserable experiences.

How did your first day go?



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  2. My fist day consisted of the usual deer-in-the-headlights stares from so-new-they-squeak freshmen. However, I've already had a headdesk moment: their first assignment was to send me a professional (including salutation, properly capitalized and spelled [no txt speak] body, and signature) e-mail. The first few that came in were fine, but there was one that, of course, referred to me as "hey," was entirely in lowercase, and used "u" instead of "you." SIGH. There's always one.


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