Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dear Capstone Student

When you come to our second meeting less-than-prepared, and ask to come back tomorrow with promises that you will be fully prepared, SHOW THE HELL UP.

Or at the very least email me to make a new arrangement.

When I stated that no student who did not meet his or her responsibilities in meeting with me, during the phase of the course when I am the mentoring professor, would receive an "A" from me, I meant it. Yes. I did. They're called standards, and by missing this meeting, which is the only reason I'm still in my office at 4:45pm on a Thursday, you are not meeting them.

It's Capstone for crying out loud. At this point, your paper could be the greatest essay ever written in the English language, but the best you're going to get from me is a B.


  1. Dear Other Capstone Student,

    It is indeed unfortunate for you that you believe my discipline is Totally Lame and A Bunch Of Fluff. It is even more unfortunate that you have chosen to make this opinion widely known in a certain internet forum AND to miss your scheduled appointments. Oh yes. Yes. It is unfortunate.

    I Actually Play Tennis With Your Committee Chair

  2. I hate unprofessional, irresponsible, immature behavior like this. I say, Torpedo los!

  3. Bring the pain, man, bring the pain. It's how they'll learn. And, on the off chance they don't learn anything, it's just gratifying.

  4. No, "would receive an A." No student who did not do XXX would receive an A.

    (Rushing to Ivory Basement's grammatical defense)

  5. The sorta kinda double negative phrasing seemed confusing.

    I heartily agree that Capstone-level students should be conspicuously free of flakiness.


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