Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The 500 Watch.

We're on the cusp of two CM milestones this week, our 500th post and our 500,000th pageview. You can track that info in the sidebar, of course.

When we started the page back in June, it was not clear if it would catch on at all. Now it seems - to me, at least - as if it's always been here, as if it's always been a part of my little corner of the academy.

Think of the great conversations we've had, and the great characters we've met. I am so grateful that we have this space to play.


  1. I had not thought of it that way. It does feel familiar here. I look forward to seeing some "characters" who I now feel I know. I don't feel quite right each morning until I come by CM to see what's up.

    Thanks to everyone who writes on this page!!

  2. I agree.

    It's been a great place to visit. There are so many great voices, STRONG voices.

    And even some funniness, which is hard to get in our field!

    Here's to the next 500 and 500,000!

  3. homely, indeed. lots of homely characters with homely souls!

    of course there are the GOOD characters and the BAD characters. but for each of us those lists are different.

  4. I love this place, too. It's a faculty lounge to which I can wear jammies....

  5. It's a wonderful place, with a great combination of the serious and genuinely useful, the absurd, and plain old blowing off steam (we all need a spleen-vent now and then). Thanks so much for setting it up, Fab (and for putting up with the annoying emails).

  6. It does feel as if it's always been here! I wasn't sure it would take off either. Glad you were willing to step up and put in the time, Fab. I hope the annoying emails don't take up much of your day.

  7. Fuck Fab!

    When I asked him to add that cool skunk graphic to my post, and to make copies of my midterm exam, and to alert me to any changes in the academic climate that occurred while I was asleep, he just fucking ignored me.


  8. Well done everyone. It took many months before RYS got to 500 posts. And you've made it look effortless.

    I didn't know what to make of the many requests I had back in June about RYS readers starting their own academic water cooler, but I couldn't be more pleased with how it's all worked out.

    To say CM has been LIVELY would be an understatement. Many voices, many ideas. It's been fun visiting and lurking, and I can't wait to see what's next for the page.

    And indeed, Fuck Fab Sun! What kind of a name is that? He doesn't change the format of the page NEARLY enough to keep me angry!!!


  9. PS: Holy shit...only 34 more page views to 500,000. Is anyone else following that?


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