Friday, October 1, 2010

Climate Change is Ruining My Fall Semester Mojo.

I hate to complain.

No I don't.

My part of the world has set all time records for heat all summer long, and also now in September. Many days during the first month of school our highs were 10-15 degrees above normal, and the sweet morning lows were occasionally 20 degrees above our averages.

It's fucking ruined Fall semester for me. I love the brisk air, the turning leaves. I can remember wearing sweaters to the first day of classes. Are you kidding me? I'm sweltering today even, as the sun ruins my walk from building to building on campus.

I want October 1st to feel like that, NOT August 1st. August 1st is barbecues and beer. October 1st should be ... well, still barbecues and beer, but a nifty sweater.

Somebody get on this, okay?


  1. Poor have air conditioners, right? I mean, you're not just running a Walmart fan all day are you?

  2. I am 100% with Fab on this one. Oh, and about 95% humidity while I'm at it. I am so done with summer. Fab, why don't we move north?

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  4. We scientists -have- been on this one for some time now, but Senator Inhofe from Oklahoma and company say it's all a big hoax. I'm starting to wonder why we even bother. The real knee-slapper is the claim that scientists have been warning about climate change so they can swindle more funding from the federal government. If that's true, why don't they just become doctors or lawyers, and make real money?

  5. Whenever I come to class on a spectacularly hot day (in our building with no central AC), I like to gaze pityingly on my students and say "Dude, you guys are totally fucked, you know that, right? Because as hot as it is's gonna get hotter." And then I cackle.

  6. Frederick, doctors and lawyers have got nothing on the politicians who regulate them.

  7. I have to second what Froderick said. We teach about the process, we show data collected over decades, we talk about what individuals can do to help slow the process, and then our colleagues in the Political Science department stand up and announce that we can be bought and are trying to destroy American business. (Yes, this really happened on our campus.)

    Just as entertaining is the fact that the ad to the right is proclaiming "Global Warming is not a crisis!"


  9. @ Kari

    What is with all the "Libertarians"* and Chicago School "Market ueber alles" dipwads in Poli-Sci departments? When did they get to be the Whip Hand of Capital?

    @ Bitchy Bear

    Take everything out of your freezer and stuff yourself inside; with luck you will harden up. Keep the door open a crack so you can breathe.

    * True Libertarians are Anarchists; the tools you see carrying a copy of Reason magazine under one arm are market fundamentalists who believe nothing can help the Free Market but even the tiniest smidge of gov't. oversight will destroy the Universe. Goes double if they are over 40 and have a ponytail.

  10. Why is Poli Sci the most reactionary, male-dominated cesspool of a department on almost any campus?

  11. Worrying about Global Warming is silly. Sure, it might get a little warmer, but we'll be knee deep in water from the ice caps melting so that should keep us nice and cool.

  12. Marcia: Maybe because "political science" is an oxymoron, and they know it? They don't even have the dignity or honesty to call themselves "government."

    Anastasia: You need to learn some thermodynamics.

    Ben: That's Froderick!

    Kari: Doesn't it kill you to have some know-nothing-bozos who wouldn't know convection if they were boiled in it (obvious jokes by Anastasia excepted) seem to think they can win an argument just by calling you a liar, when you aren't one? It's even worse than student evaluations that say nothing more than, "this class sucked," since the bozos are supposed to be adults, already. Isn't the whole point of a university to be dedicated to reason?


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