Friday, October 15, 2010

Dorm VidShizzle


  1. we get it already. students can be cute. of course only in their dorm rooms. in class they're monsters.

  2. I show music videos from Starvistan and neighboring countries before my classes, mainly so that I wake up and engage. (Students report they like it, too, even though the videos are sometimes 'weird' and 'in other languages that [they] don't understand.') BUT...maybe I should start showing these in a little reflexive moment, eh?

    This morning was, in a moment of self-mockery, Fela Kuti's "Teacher Don't Teach Me No Nonsense."

  3. Have all the students in this video shot. With a gun. In the quad.

  4. Yes, you can call me "White Pol Pot."

  5. Wow, so I actually watched this just now.
    1. I bet the university is now using it on the website as proof of the "multicultural" and "fun" dormitory environment.

    2. If one of these young people runs for office, will this help or hurt their campaign?

    3. I am so glad the interwebz were still in their infancy when I was in college because I would have been one of these snowflakes.


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