Friday, October 29, 2010

First Ever College Misery Pool!

My school has an all-campus Halloween Event starting at 2:30 pm. A coworker has a class starting at 3:00 pm. Shall we have a pool on how many students attend a Friday afternoon class that conflicts with a Halloween party? It’s a class of mostly freshmen with an enrollment of 32. It’s a liberal arts class, mostly lecture. The instructor is both a good teacher and popular with the students, so attendance is normally good. I will post the correct answer later when I find out the final figure.

I’ll let Fab Sun (all hail his name) decide if there’s a prize for winning.

UPDATE: I have an unofficial count. (I stood in the doorway and counted) I'll have an official count as soon as my colleague emails me. In the meantime post your guesses before 9 pm EDT.


  1. And 4 of the 5 will be enrolled in the wrong course.

  2. Ten sounds right to me.

  3. Can I pick more than one number?

    Archie stole my number! That was my number! Can I pick the same number someone else did (especially because I *was* going to pick that number but I had to be away from campus because my grandmother got sick)?

    This isn't fair. I didn't grow up in a culture that emphasized integers.

    Is it ok if my dad's secretary picks the number for me?

    When's the make-up pool?

  4. 9, because some flakes are like vampires and werewolves - a pool party or a keg is their full moon.

  5. OK. My UNOFFICIAL count was 22. Blogless AR guessed that first. I will post the OFFICIAL count when I hear from my coworker....

  6. 22? Wow!

    My Friday class starts on the last block. The most recent class was held on a blustery, cold, sunny day. Of the 21 enrolled students, 10 showed up. Guess who got bonus points for participating in class?

    32 students? A party? Hmm... I would have chosen 17.

  7. @ Middle-Aged: Actually, Blogless AR guessed 21. Are you high?

  8. By "Price is Right" rules, I was the closest without going over (no one guessed 22). Actually, and I were the closest in either direction.

    I have no guess, however, about MA&M's relative "highness." Might of been one crazy Halloween party at that school.


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