Friday, October 29, 2010

From Richard Tingle, Ph.D.

I am a flawed man
and I admit this freely
before you,
unashamed am I
at my weaknesses.

Why does Darla tempt me so?
"Sloppy yoga?"
Is that code?

Isn't the page going well this week?

I wish my gingivitis wasn't flaring.

There are more empty cans of beer
in the recycle bin here at home
than I remember drinking.

At my office, a man across the hall
appears to have picked up
a second job; he is often
on his phone talking tax filing.
He directs people to his website.

I wish for the election to come and go.
Bitterness and bad grammar on
all the TV commercials.

What doesn't make me annoyed
in my freshman seminar?
When was it that they left middle school?
Not yet?

There has been talk at my college
of edutainment. We seriously are trying
to keep the "asses in the seats."
Why didn't my undergrad college work
as hard to keep me interested?
I was left to my own devices,
and the bong nearly always won out
over the classroom.

Oh, were I as free now as then.


  1. Bravo! Glad to see another collection of musings from CM's own Prufrock.

  2. I have to admit this is the first time I've noticed that Professor Tingle's most likely "nom de public" is probably Dick Tingle.

    I feel very very dirty.

  3. Line breaks
    does not


  4. I got myself a job once by saying "Look, do you want bodies? I can get you bodies in seats, no worries. How many do you want?"

    Such is the power of being a big-ass fish in a teeny-ass pond.

  5. A good asset to a college will get bodies. An excellent asset to a college will help hide bodies.

  6. I have to thank you for wording the thoughts on Darla so well. I could never have mused so eloquently or so precise.

    Mathsquatch *bowing to the poetic Richard Tingle, Ph.D.* out.


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