Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Moodle / Blackboard VidShizzle.


  1. I so want to use these "modern" tools, but something in me just keeps rejecting them. I'm not too old. I have tons of interest in tools like these for my own life.

    But I want my students to do what I did.

    Does that make sense?

  2. Blackboard bought Angel, which my CC uses. The contract runs out in a year or two, so I am switching to Moodle. Blackboard will never get the "depth" into my CC to get me!

    Mathsquatch *Only slightly going insane* out.

  3. I listened to part of it. What the Blackboard CEO seemed to be saying was "our business plan is to get our tentacles so deeply into your institution that they couldn't possibly get out even if they tried."

    Moodle seems to be "it's all about the interaction! INteraction! That's what we want!"

    Actually, it isn't what we want. What we want is for them to go away and do their work already.

  4. I hate Blackboard for all the reasons that others have talked about on CM and RYS, and I hate Moodle only slightly less.

    I was irritated by the blah blah blah in the video about more interaction with students. I don't want more interaction, i want less. I want to be able to do my contact hours, do my office hours, and not be hassled the rest of the time.

  5. Can we talk about how the head of Moodle appears to be Sehth Ehfrican? And how hot his accent is?

    Re the blackboard dude: "Push some information to them." Well, yeah...I'd like to push some information, I'd like to bust some freakin' heads with that information.

    *ahem* Me and my low-grade fever have lowered the bar on this intellectual discussion and now we are off to lecture...

  6. Die IT, die!

    [In this context, IT = university OR commercial providers.]

    Neither Blackboard nor Moodle is a complete solution, but the Blackboard talking head doesn't do a great job; he's too Dilbert-esque in his buzzword babble.

    Like others, all I want is an app where (a) students can find my sh*t in the minimum # of clicks and (b) I have the least amount of hassle to get it out there. Like others, I also use a free Wordpress site for public stuff.

  7. Addendum: Is anyone else saddled with Sakai, perhaps? We have it, but it's called something else that's all special for our school. I noticed it occupies 5% on that pie chart...and it caused me a world of pain earlier this semester.

  8. We're in the same position as Mathsquatch. The early leader is Sakai, with Moodle in second. I haven't looked at either. So, I'd like to hear about being saddled up in the world of pain.

  9. Oh yeah, we have Sakai. I hated it at first, but it has improved considerably. It's Shareware, which means, I guess, that lots of people are tweaking it all the time. But after a rocky and miserable start, I have accepted its presence in my life.

  10. What should we call the 2011 Educause conference? How about the Great Outplacement Conference? Everyone of those fucks should be fired.

    As to anyone who uses LMS or CMS or EIEIO bullshit software, you are simpleton who should be fired.Tell the fucks from IT to go fuck themselves and demand the administration outsource all e-mail and software such as word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation to Google for $50 a license.

    The resulting saving from no longer paying those thugs from the LMS or CMS or EIEIO companies along with the savings of no longer have an IT department means we all get raises and maintenance work. Hooray for raises and repaired stuff!


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