Saturday, October 2, 2010

We're all teaching for the wrong program ...

Mathsquatch asked "WTF is sports management?"

It seemed particularly ironic that an advertisement for the following appeared on the same page:

The College of Golf?

Sen. Tom Harkin and those challenging for-profits on "gainful employment" would have a field day.

Of course, one has to ask if this is an elaborate example of being punk'd as this is (no joke) listed as:

A Likely Day-in-the-Life at The College of Golf at Keiser University
(Students have 2 AM and 2 PM class sessions each week)

7:00 am Turn off alarm...again
7:30 am Review your class notes and catch part of Sportscenter or Golf Central
7:55 am Make it to class for instruction on Golf Swing Fundamentals from a very enthusiastic PGA Master Professional
11:00 am Finish class and decide whether to go play golf or head to the range to work on what you just learned
11:30 am Head out for a quick lunch
12:00 pm Arrive at the PGA Golf Club and play 18 holes with 3 other students. Lots of questions about the swing for class tomorrow!
5:30 pm Hit the range on the way home to work out a few swing kinks that you noticed during the round
7:30 pm Weak from the days activities, it's time for dinner.
8:30 pm A couple hours preparing for tomorrow's lesson on Swing Plane.
11:00 pm Can't sleep...trying to apply everything you learned to your own swing. Lots of questions for tomorrow!

I'm guessing their student (and faculty) orientation takes on an entirely different tone than those with which I am familiar!

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  1. Holy shit. I seriously thought that you made that schedule up. Seeing that shit actually posted on their website scared me more than The Ring. And The Ring was a damn scary movie.


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