Sunday, November 7, 2010

Being a Cool Facebook Friend & Colleague

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  1. Hah, this is awesome!

    I try to avoid friending my colleagues and never put anything srs or academic on my Facebook. Some colleagues are on there because they friend requested me, and saying no would have given offense, though.

    Facebook is my way of keeping up with my globally scattered family, and if you try to get all heavy: UNFRIENDED.

  2. I'm only facebook friends with one colleague, someone who is also a good friend and knows far more about me than I ever post on facebook. I also never use my work email for private correspondence. My private life is my own but I do get flack for not being "collegial" enough. I do my job. Isn't that enough?

  3. I have two Facebook accounts, the 'professional' one and the 'actual person' one. I'd quite FB if I could, but the Starvistanians REALLY love FB and refuse to use email.

  4. I mean I'd quit. I really hope I'm not getting this cold and that I just have the grading/conference paper writing/article revising/peer reviewing/argued with Atom Smasher stupids.

  5. I immediately posted this to Facebook. :)


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