Monday, November 8, 2010

CM VidShizzle #6 - "So, How's College Going?"


  1. nice job, do make the best vidshizzles...

    I wish my kids were this animated IN CLASS!!!!

  2. @ELS

    yes, I'd provide chips and salsa for all if they showed some of this spunk...except poor Natalie in the car...too many fumes?

  3. Cal makes me want to go to school...and that's hard to do on a Monday!

  4. I hate to admit that I go to YouTube now and look for my students. I want to see if they actually talk, smile, dance, and have fun when they're not with me. I want to know!

    No I don't.

    Yes I do.

    Never mind.

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  6. (Grammar appalling in the first post, Standard Time continues to eat my brain.)

    Why is Natalie sitting in her car?

    I also have big love for "I ain't gonna BE no Barack Obama..."

    Also that girl with no "me" time can suck it, because you know what? I was her, and a moment arrived in college where I was like "I gotta schedule this junk" and lo, Me time + work getting done.

    I should say that Me time = sexytimes, so maybe that's not what she means, but when I was 19 that was DEFINITELY what I meant.

  7. natalie must be a commuter student. at my crappy college the parking lots are sometimes full of students in cars, studying, smoking, listening to music, sleeping at noon.

  8. I'm just thinking about the way those dorm rooms must smell.


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