Friday, November 12, 2010

VidShizzle: Kanye West weasels out of a copyright violation

A possible conversation between Robert Fripp and Kanye West over West's copyright violation in his hit rap tune, Power:

Favorite line: "I've been screwed over so much by the music industry that my asshole's been replaced with an artificial one." (Fripp)

By the way, here's West's tune:

And King Crimson's original anthem:

I'm pushing the edge here, but I wanted an excuse to post "21st Century Schizoid Man".


  1. This is completely ironic; rock music was created by white guys ripping off black guys, and now one of the odder rappers is returning the favor. The positive thing I can say about this is people might re-discover King Crimson from Kanye's sampling; I discovered Van Morrison's first band Them from Beck's "Jackass" (where he had tacken his backing track from Them's version of Bob Dylan's "It's all Over Now, Baby Blue.") Fripp is good working music; you can get a lot done while "Swastika Girls" plays in the background (yes, I know he made that album with Brian Eno, but his guitar playing makes "No Pussyfooting" work.)

  2. I wonder how many people will discover Bob Dylan's "Forever Young" because of Jay-Z.

    Also, heart Brian Eno ... I'm a huge fan of U2, and thus of Eno.

    Lastly, if this was shorter, I'd show it as something about plagiarism, as it is, it's a bit long for a tangential use.

  3. I'm a huge fan of U2, and thus of Eno.

    I dunno. Eno's a great producer and all that, but U2 doesn't sound anything like Eno. Not to my ears, anyhow. But then, my knowledge of Brian Eno is mostly from his solo work, and collaborations with Fripp and Bowie, in the 1970s.

  4. I blew a gasket when the Rolling Stones were suing that brit-pop band in the '90's, while the jacket for Let It Bleed indicates that "Love in Vain" is a Jaggar/Richards song.

  5. Oh, and before that I was annoyed at Coolio for making a stink about Weird Al's PASTIME Paradise spoof. And I put Pastime in caplocks there because I get so irritated that that guy doesn't realize it should have been Stevie Wonder's stink to make in the first place. Yes, Gangsta's Paradise was more inline with the original. And yes, maybe it should have been seen as too serious to spoof. (I don't think so, but I'm giving it a definite maybe in the interest of the strongest possible argument). But it wasn't HIS song to defend.


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