Wednesday, December 8, 2010

God bless the international students.

I've graded so many papers this past week that I can barely see straight and my patience has been worn down to nothing. Thus, I'm even more grateful than usual for the levity that came this evening courtesy of one of my international students, who has a bad habit of writing "gay" in place of "guy." Sentences from the paper include:

"Sam is a city gay." (As opposed to a country gay, I guess.)
"The gay named Sam falls in love with the girl named Molly." (So maybe Sam is bisexual?)
"He meets a gay in the dark alley." (Sounds like the opening scene from a bad porno.)
"The two gays got on the train together." (Maybe they're going to San Francisco!)
"Sam went to heaven because is is a good gay." (It's nice that the Christians are becoming more open-minded.)



  1. I love it. I get the usual "defiantly" for "definitely," which can be interesting, but not nearly as interesting as those gents on the train.

  2. Warms the cockles of my gay little heart.

  3. A fraternity brother of mine is Korean, and when he arrived in the US to attend college, his English wasn't very good. One night, he and a few of his pledge brothers were leaving a Denny's, horsing around and (I have no idea how this came up) joking about being FBI agents, when they encountered two truckers walking toward the door. The Korean fellow hopped to a halt, stretched out his arms with his hands stuck together in the "gun" position, and called out, "Freeze! We are fags!"

  4. I wish I could top this, but I can't quite. Nevertheless, here goes: my freshman physics professor couldn't speak English, either. When he started covering electricity, he introduced Gauss's law, which is about electromagnetic flux. Only he pronounced it, "frux." He kept saying "frux," "frux," "frux": we freshpersons found this amusing. Then he said, "erectromagnetic frux." We all start smiling real wide. He notices this, and he says:

    "Whats-a-matter, you no rike da frux?"

    To a bunch of 19-year-olds, of course, we thought this was the funniest thing we ever heard...

  5. Mindbender--Oh, I laughed very hard.

    And Froderick, that's fruxin' funny!

  6. Thank you, gentlemen, for making me double over and fall out of my chair.

    My favorite quiz answers are very orgasmic, as in:

    "Radiocarbon dating can be used on any orgasmic material."


    "The genetic code is the same in all orgasmic life forms."


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