Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Twitch-tard Tommy: All term you've been a mammoth pain in the keister. Forte: Insisting on talking in class even after being shushed repeatedly. But now getting up in the middle of class and leaving because what we're doing evidently isn't good enough to hold your precious (and miniscule) attention? I feel a unique stringency in the grading of your final exam coming on . . . .


  1. Not to be mean, but:
    If he leaves early, why wasn't he docked half a day on the roster?

  2. I had a Quizzy-Quinn who only came to class to take the quiz at the beginning of class, then zoomed out... and then I moved quizzes until the end (which made it more difficult to come up with questions I wouldn't be covering in the lecture). Oh, how I loathed him!

  3. Strelnikov, not all of us grade on attendance (and some of us aren't *allowed* to).

  4. Attendence is the most important thing, and if you can grade on it you should.

    As for poor little Tommy, the Court of Student-Thrashing finds him to be guilty of Anti-Soviet Activities and is henceforth sentenced to 5 "tenners" at hard labor in Siberia.


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