Friday, January 14, 2011


  1. I used to think that was hilarious, but I've seen it too many times.

    XKCD has gone seriously downhill in any case, as documented here:

  2. Oh yes, I've SEEN it, too, too many times. More times than you. I have a tattoo of it. I'm SO tired of it.

    Anyway, I'd bet the Moderator put it up in response to the inane weather / snowfall measuring contest going on elsewhere here on this page.

  3. I have been this person. I see some complete B.S. over at or on some forum or something and I bother to respond. It is sad. While I am schooling some anonymous person on the basics, I keep telling myself to "get a life," but it is a teaching moment I can't pass up. Sigh.


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