Friday, July 29, 2011

A Friday Thirsty on Avoiding the Baby Adipose

I can hear you from my office!
I don't know what to do.  I cannot stand the new Lead Tutor, but in order to continue receiving unemployment, I must not refuse any work.

Friday Thirsty!
With two classes already on my fall schedule, I am very tempted to just not work in the tutoring center regardless.  So, here's my thirsty:

Q:  How likely is it that the unemployment office will find out that I refused a job.  And, have you ever done this?  Have you ever turned down an unpleasant job without the unemployment office finding out?  How did it turn out?  Photonic minds want to know.


  1. How would the unemployment office find out?
    I just send in my paperwork every two weeks, and bingo-presto, $113 in my account.
    I'm gonna be rich!

  2. I've never received this so-called "unemployment." Sounds like a good gig.

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  4. I'm sorry not to answer your question, but "don't refuse work" is a command rather than a suggestion. Take responsibility; also, be a bigger person than your foe.

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  6. EMH, try a little thought experiment. You overhear two snowflakes - two fat snowflakes - talking to each other.

    One says, "I don't know what to do. I cannot stand EMH and the assignments in that class, but in order to pass, I must do the work. How likely is it that EMH will find out if you do my homework for me? Have you ever gotten a friend to do your work without the proffie finding out? How did it turn out? Lazy, whining, unethical (but slender!) twits want to know."

    How does that scenario go over with you?

  7. how can you teach two classes AND collect unemployment??

  8. Where's the new moderator? Don't the rules still apply?

  9. If you can't stand the work, quit, but do not apply for unemployment, since you don't qualify. Simple.

  10. "You have bigger issues than the ones you whine about, you obsessive, bigoted nitwit."

    [Strains of Shostakovitch's 7th Symphony, first movement begin playing in the background]

    ....and so the Great Flab War began, pitting the rail-thin academics against their plumper alternates. Within weeks, Richard Simmons somehow got involved, and the Great Flab War devolved into a disco danceoff that ran until 2032, when every participants knees fell off.

  11. I have absolutely no experience in the matter (and am pretty sure I would not be eligible for unemployment were my contract to end -- because I wasn't fired, I just wasn't renewed), but I'd be surprised if they found out (unless, of course, you pissed off the lead tutor enough that he/she reported you, and/or he/she just generally has a vindictive streak, and is aware of your situation).

    How is the private tutoring going? That sounded like a potentially more attractive (and lucrative) gig, anyway. Could you make a case that you are working to expand that better-paying option, and so have decided that the tutoring center is not the best option (or genuinely pursue that route, while biting your tongue and taking limited hours at the tutoring center for the moment?)


    Just about everyone is hiring for math right now. Set your own schedule. Have reliable work every month. Or tutor for $20 an hour.


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