Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Evening Horrible Haiku

Haiku!  Gesundheit!
Sorry for fat-hate
Was pissed at her
Can't separate the real
Issues when writing.

Loses paperwork
Yells at employees
Makes tutoring center
Place people don't want
To be at

Places grant in jeopardy
But it's okay 'cause
She's in charge

Dear Pastor,
I am $80 short on rent
Can the church help?
I can pay it back
In September.

He says, I'll have to bring
It before the board.  We'll see.

Standing in line at grocery store
EBT balance is less than epsilon
Will it go through?
Will it go through?
Crossing my fingers
Crossing my fingers
It went through!

Food tonight!  Hooray!
That's as close as I want to get
To a gambling problem.

Peace, and sorry for the hate speach.


  1. Hey! We've got another poet! Another funny one, too (I like "Haiku! Gesundheit!"). Also pithily evocative (as is appropriate to the form).

    And thanks for the apology. Really, she sounds quite dislikable, for all kinds of completely valid reasons, including (the most unforgivable, given the circumstances) just plain doing her job badly.

    Good luck with finding rent, and food. Nobody should have to live that way (and I sometimes wonder whether those who are more comfortable realize just how much extra time and energy living on the edge can require; I'm nowhere close, but I get occasional glimpses, and it leaves me really mad at those who make "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" arguments). August and September may well be the cruelest months for adjuncts.

  2. Strelnikov, I like you.

    EMH, sorry about your horrible boss and I hope the private tutoring business takes off.

  3. Nice lines, EMH.
    Strelnikov is right. A word?
    Revolution. Now.


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