Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dean Flake

Dean Flake: will you teach a new class for us online?

Slave Adjunct: Sure!

Dean Flake: Ok, I'll upload the outline into your blackboard.

Slave Adjunct dutifully updates class info, syllabus, assignments etc.

Dean Flake: We are going to move to a newer worse version of Blackhole, you will need to request that your course be ported over.

Slave Adjunct: Ok!

Slave adjunct contacts tech support 6 weeks before the new term starts.

IT: cricket noise

Slave adjunct contacts tech support and faculty support 5 weeks before the new term starts.

IT: cricket noise

Faculty Support: Let me upload the wrong version of the class for you!

Slave Adjunct: "Dean Flake, I am having some trouble getting the correct class uploaded to Blackhole, can you help me?"

Dean Flake: "Let's worry about it after break!"

Two Weeks Pass

Slave Adjunct: "Dean Flake, I still haven't heard from IT, any idea when the class can be uploaded?"

Dean Flake: By next week for sure!

Email from Faculty Support: All classes must be ready for students this week!

Slave Adjunct grabs a drink.


  1. Timebomb under the dean's desk.


    Cut his brake lines.

  2. I make sure to get to know the people in IT. Other faculty complain about "them," but I know their names, and speak to them regularly and it really helps.
    How does blackboard compare to moodle? Do your schools force you to use them or is it voluntary?

  3. I have tried Moodle, found it cumbersome. I prefer blackboard but mostly because I am familiar with its oddities.


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