Monday, January 2, 2012

Hiram's Resolution.

I'd like to resolve to be a steadying force in the College Misery pantheon. I know I enjoy when I see some regular appearances on these pages by people. Perhaps I can develop into someone like that. A man can dream, can he not?

So many times people pop their heads up and disappear for months. And I think it's a shame.

I'd like to see Yaro and Tingle and Darla and AcademicMonkey and Ben and some others more regularly. I think this place needs a center. Although I've only been posting for a while, I've read the entire archives, and it appears that the current moderator is not nearly as involved day to day as past people were - I'm not saying that judgmentally.

Happy 2012 to you all.



  1. "the current moderator is not nearly as involved day to day as past people were"

    Them's fightin' words.
    I can sense the rumblings of 2012's first kerfuffle.
    Beaker, hurry up and create a distraction by saying something charming.
    Gotta de-escalate.

  2. I can see the GDM working everyday. They are doing little things behind the scenes to make the page better, but doing it unobtrusively. You might not have noticed the graphics that pop up later on someone's post or the corrected links, to the full article, being added. After everything that has happened with the past moderators, this one has chosen to be invisible, not uninvolved.

  3. When did this become a sitcom?

    Some people are like bread and others are like Tabasco sauce. Nobody (outside of Dave Letterman) drinks big heaping bowels of Tabasco sauce all the time. My point is, not everyone who writes in wants to be here EVERY. FREAKING. POST. I include myself in the Tabasco category.

    I still really want to know what the Hell happened to Darla's post.

    We need no "center." The misery is the center; Hell, it's the perpetual motion machine that keeps this blog going....Hiram, this is not "17 Moments in Spring", you are not Standartenfuehrer Shtirlitz, and I am not Yefim Kopelyan narrating in that wonderful voice of his. Anybody who has tried to make this like a normal blog has failed, because it ISN'T A NORMAL BLOG; it is a record of the failure of higher education in the United States. It is also a book of poems, a tract, a rant pamphlet, and a religious document if we can truly prove that Yaro IS the Christ. In truth, there should be hard-copies of this blog published by some academic publisher as a replacement for a journal on Etruscan snoods.

  4. An extra vowel in your bowels?
    Or is Letterman getting kinky?

  5. Strelnikov FTW. The Misery is the centre, indeed. The current RGM is doing an excellent job of keeping the assholishness from taking over, and is doing it unobtrusively, For all we know he/she is also posting twelve times a day as all of the rest of us (indeed, I may be one of the RGM avatars myself, there's no way to tell ...)

  6. Oh, there are ways to tell.

    Try posting a thought without a picture. Every time I try to get away with posting something without an image, I find a perfectly-selected pic there within an hour. And it's always classic, like the groaning computer.

    Check the site more often. Sometimes comments disappear, like those unwanted assaults by Honest_Prof, within an hour of showing up. Only frequent checks will catch the speediness of their removal.

    Plus, look at the banner!! The champagne cork? Yes please. I love it. And already, not to leave the holiday images up too long, the RGM has replaced it with something retro 1980s.


    I agree with Hiram that we need a little more center. I personally try to post at least once a month, usually twice, but rarely more than once in a single week. It's enough to let flow my rage without posting every thought that runs through my head. No one wants in to this brain that often.

    You should all make a similar goal! At least one post a month.

    And let's give some love to our moderator. The people running the compound are AWESOME. And they get hate mail all too often.

  7. Strel--

    I too would like to know what happened to Darla's post. It was there and wasn't! It didn't seem incendiary. Just a "happy 2012" sort of thing...

    And the reason this blog does not have a "center" is that any one of a hundred people can post at any time. Contributions are not at the discretion of the mod, like RYS. There is far less editorial control, which I haven't really decided is a good thing or not. Yes and no, probably.

    So CM is sort of a mish-mash. If you look at Facebook it's sort of the same thing. Some of your FB friends post 4x a day, with pictures of their lunch and their walks and updates on every single thing. Others post maybe once a week. Others once a month.

    I sort of wish my FB friends would all post at exactly the same rate, maybe once or twice a week with a pithy little observation or story. But it doesn't work that way.

    Neither does CM.

  8. Maybe Darla asked for it to be taken down?
    Perhaps - and I hope not - someone else posted that, and managed to make it seem like she'd done it.

    As for the suggestion that people post more frequently / with greater regularity etc...well, I don't know. If I had all day to try, I couldn't write like these guys do. I assume they post when they either want to or feel the need to.

    My favourite movie is 146 minutes long...but it's not my favourite BECAUSE it's 146 minutes long. Quality, not quantity.

  9. @Strelnikov
    "if we can truly prove that Yaro IS the Christ"
    I don't think so. He might be A Christ, thou.

  10. No Darla post preserved in the Wayback Machine... :(

  11. Re: Darla's 2012 post.

    An offensive comment was made on Darla's post yesterday. Had I seen it in time I would have deleted it. But Darla saw it before I did and chose to take the post down.


  12. Darla's post was taken down because its title, "2012", infringed on the copyright of Columbia Pictures' movie "2012". Just a preview of what we'll have if SOPA becomes law.

    RGM's explanation makes sense too.

  13. Perhaps you could make crushing, life-altering, NON-DISCHARGEABLE student debt the "center" of this site?!

  14. Nando, I would love a full post on what you're so upset about. Sing it!

  15. Hiram: I'd be glad to write a weekly, or more frequent, advice column for junior faculty. How much do you pay?

  16. Frod,

    That's a fair comment, I guess. I was just urging folks who love the page to be as involved as possible so we could share the "free" misery as much as possible.

    If it's a paying gig one needs, then this is the wrong outlet. I always enjoy your perspective.

  17. I think that we all post when we have the time and something to say. Many of the posts are quality. Quality takes time. A really, really good post might take 2 hours to write and edit. Who has that kind of time several times a week every week?


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