Friday, January 6, 2012

Well if you "need" it to graduate, you should have f***ing registered for the Friday section before it was cacelled.

First of all, to all the whiners begging me to register you for my Thursday afternoon class: Fuck you.  If you needed this class, you would have registered for the Friday morning section and then there would have been enough students to keep it on the schedule and you'd be graduating.  But you gambled that you could charm your way into the full to capacity Thursday section.  You lost that bet, so go drop as many classes as you can without losing your financial aid, you've got another whole year to take those classes.

More importantly, to admin:  Fuck yourselves repeatedly, put on some lead boots, and go jump in a lake.  You demoted me to adjunct when you cancelled my Friday lab.  What you pay adjuncts would make the lunch ladies cry.  You take a way a third of my course load, pay me at one third the rate for the ones you left me with, and now you're "requesting" that I overtally so many students into my lab, that had they registered for Friday, I'd still be full time and you'd be paying me an extra $19k.  Are you fucking insane?  Not only will I not HELP you exploit me, I think I need to run the numbers for you, because you're insulting the entire profession.

If I am to teach exactly the same course, engage with exactly the same students, do exactly the same lesson and assignment preparations, grading and office hours, for $19k less, then what you are saying is that the education and engagement of students and administrative necessities (grading) for TWO courses are worth $6K, but the physical time in the classroom is worth $19k.  Or in other words, the parts I needed the degree for are worth $3K per course, but baby sitting is worth $400/hour.



  1. Glorious! Wombat rocks.

    I haven't ever been this mega-fucked over, but I have been batted around. The arbitrary and shifting scheduling last year, the ridiculous pay (19k is almost my entire income for about 11 classes, albeit mostly small ones) for the past several years and the opening up of new opportunities - all made me decide last year to leave. I'm on my way out. I will shout "Fuck You!" too when the door slams behind me.

  2. Stick to your GUNS!

    (aside: Wombat, didn't you make the move out of academe? Or am I mis-remembering?)

  3. Not to take over for Strelnikov, but firebombing comes to mind.

  4. Geez, Wombat. Doesn't your department at least pay lip service to lab safety rules, to wit, that there should be only a certain limited number of students per instructor?

    My sympathies, and don't bend on this.


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