Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Why Must Break Ever End?

I've been avoiding my email for weeks. Some things are just too hard to face. I know that there is an unread email from the chair as well as some student emails. I dread email over break.

It's not that I need to check my email yet. Classes don't start for another week or two or three. Everything that I need to do before classes begin can be completed in a day. But I kept getting the ubiquitous administrator message indicating that my inbox is too big. I need to reorganize my email and delete a TON of stuff. That in itself could take several days.

But I'm having such a nice Christmas break. It would be a shame to spoil it with a couple of whiny emails from students and a new project request from the chair. The impending necessity has been building for a few days now.

I've been making up any excuse. I've had guests and church duties and a death in my bible study group. I'm cleaning the house top to bottom. I even hired a plumber for the day to take care of some things that honestly really didn't NEED need doing. And with the local hardware store's 11% rebate of everything special this week I've got even more reason to consider doing some other projects. (Anyone want to come over and help me install new counter tops? I promise we can make it take all day so you won't have time to check your email or do school work.)

I'm going to do it though. It may take me a few more loads of laundry but I'm going to do it. I'll do it by the end of the day.


  1. There have been some studies to suggest that sorting email isn't any more effective than just using a search in your email application. So: just reply to the ones that need a response, and dump the rest to a folder marked as "unsorted". It doesn't solve the major angst, but eases the workload.

  2. I think you should crack open your favorite beer/mixed drink, get a piece of fine chocolate, and then take a deep breath before scanning, quickly, down along the list of unread email. I'm sure many of them are bulk emails from those national organizations you belong to, announcing meetings and job searches and conferences that you have no need to discuss. Select, delete.

    Then read through the subject lines. Another bulk will be from student organizations or book publishers or colleagues announcing an upcoming speech. Select, delete.

    Finally, scan through and double-check that there is nothing pressing (again, only through subject and sender details -- don't open anything!!) and close the tab. Chug the remains of your beer/mixed drink, finish the chocolate, and go over to Hulu for some television.


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