Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The New Search Bar! People Like It. We Must Have Done Something Wrong.

Many folks are using and enjoying the new search bar, which resides just below the header. It's set up to search RYS archives and all of CM. Here's some evidence that we inadvertently did something right:

  • Love the new search. The old one was shitty.
  • The new search bar is great. I actually can see it. When it was in the sidebar it got lost in all your fucking ads.
  • I needed to find some posts about plagiarism and your new search bar helped me find a dozen perfect ones in no time. Thanks for doing that.
  • Yah for the big search bar. I use it all the time now.
  • I found all of my old posts on RYS and CM using your new search engine. It's terrific.
So, we'll have to delete the damn thing soon, or maybe just add a really bad graphic to go next to it.



  1. "So, we'll have to delete the damn thing soon, or maybe just add a really bad graphic to go next to it."

    Just hook up an embedded sound file of a fart noise so that when people punch the search key they get a Bronx cheer.

  2. Yah?

    Once again, fogies. If you can't find a search bar, you google this:

    "Phrase" site:collegemisery.blogspot.com

    ("blogspot" optional, since our "fucking ads" allow us to own collegemisery.com too)

    If you don't know about the site:edu search, try it today! Only returns university websites. And feel ashamed as you try it out. It's only been around for about eight years.

    Enjoy, fogies!!!

  3. It doesn't work without the blogspot for me.

    Plus, why do I have to all that if the search bar is right on this screen?

  4. Oh, I can't speak like this to my students, so I'm taking it out on you guys. I'm just saying you could have searched the site even without the bar, continuing a thread from a few days ago.

    But YAY RGM! You did a good!

  5. @AM: We hear ya. The mighty RGM - whoever, whatever - thanks you for your support.

    Now, get searching!

  6. Thanks, Fab! I guess now to continue encouraging people to label, label, label. :o)

  7. There was one old post I couldn't find. It was titled something like, "Drowning in the muddle puddle..." It was about distraction and inability to focus. It was one of my best contributions here and it got a lot of positive feedback. I recall someone saying they were going to print it out. If anyone has it, please post the body of the text here in the comments. Thanks! I'd like to archive it.

    BTW, ever since that hacking a few weeks ago, all the comments on my old posts are gone.


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