Tuesday, September 11, 2012

10 things you never ask your college professor. From AllVoices.com.

  • “Hey, did we do anything important while I was out?”
  • “Why do we have to learn this?”
  • “Do we need to buy the book?”
  • “So how much work do we have to do in this class?”



  1. That's a pretty good list.

    It's also a bad idea to announce to your professor in a required core course that you don't really want (or think you need to) take that you're prioritizing assignments/a study session for another course over work/a class meeting in hers. It's an especially bad idea if you haven't, in fact, mastered the skills taught in her course.

  2. How many others wanted to take a red pen to that crappily written article?

    Oh, the lack of editing!

  3. I teach in a computer lab. It gets stuffy, so I sometimes have the classroom door open. On that door is a schedule for the lab, showing what class runs when.

    Today, while lecturing... a student just walks right in, and seeing students sitting there and a professor at the front of the room, asks - oh is there a class in here? I said yes, you need to leave. Oh but I... I interrupt and said, you need to leave. A schedule is posted on the door, please refer to it and come back another time.

    I'll be damned if it didn't happen a second time.

    1. Every time this happens, I want to scream, "WHY is your FIRST course of action to disrupt a class?" This is narcissism gone ga-ga.

    2. I've had been called obscene names when they were told to leave.

      It's tough being humiliated in public with the realization that you're too stupid to realize you're in the middle of a class.


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