Friday, September 21, 2012

euphoria, euphoria, you come at such a price....

Truth is, I practically never blame the student.  It's not his fault he's an idiot with no ethical compass.

I blame fucktard colleagues who should know better than to tolerate these students' actions.

I used to tell myself that the chickens would eventually come home to roost, that justice would prevail in the end, that truth would out.   I no longer believe that.  I'm very nearly completely unable to even hope for it.

The system rewards students for pissing into the wind and claiming that it's raining.  Unfortunately, my fucktard colleagues witness this behavior and repeat it themselves, going a step further and publishing articles claiming that they've discovered rain.  Hell, some of them go so far as to claim that they invented rain.

It used to be that we struggled to tell the world that the emperor had no clothes.  But now the emperor is pissing on himself and claiming that he has invented rain.  Drenched in his own urine, he gets his agent to call a reporter at the New York Times.  Next thing you know, the Times Magazine has a story about our fucktard colleagues' ingenious inventions.

Yet, they're just pissing on themselves.

My goddamned fucktard colleague is pissing on himself and telling the Times that it's raining, just so that he can get a big paycheck.

I drink bourbon because I'm tired and I don't have the energy to cry.


  1. You did this on purpose, didn't you, Bubba? We just had a Post of the Week.....and now you write this. Don't make me get in trouble with the moderators...
    Maybe "pissed of the week"?

    Enjoy the bourbon: fantastic post!

  2. Replies
    1. Are you kidding? I've half a mind to frame that picture and post it on my door.

      And no, I didn't think it was pee either.

    2. It really was intended to be pee, but I guess the metaphor might still work if you thought it was something besides pee.

      Sorry, Fab, I really didn't mean to create the CM Pornographic Rorschach Test.

    3. @Rosenstern AndOr Guildencrantz: I've already cross-stitched "I drink bourbon because I'm tired and I don't have the energy to cry." and hung it outside my door.

      It's a nice Malbec for me tonight, Bubba...mostly because I'm out of bourbon.

    4. If it's a Rorschach Test does that mean I failed?!

      Aack! No Fair! You didn't tell us what the answer was!

      Oh, wait. Yes you did.

      Still. No fair... Because... Waaaah!

    5. I did have a moment yesterday of wondering whether I'd just violated my school's internet use policy, but decided that it was too crude to be a problem. Sorry, Bubba, but you're no Sam Folkchurch.

      Or, in other words, use your words. As others have noted, "I drink bourbon because I'm tired and don't have the energy to cry" is brilliant.

  3. Um, Bubba? I'm afraid you've taken this metaphor too far. You lost me, since it reads to me like you're speaking in riddles.

    Let's see: the emperor pissing on himself, and claiming he invented rain. Is that Mitt Romney?

  4. Is this about the guy who published the book about how he wrote student essays? I'm also a tad confused.

    And our graphic is great. I just thought it was "There's Something about Mary" happening here. :o)


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