Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"It didn't happen. I wasn't there. It wasn't me."

First of all, "Alabama" has a lot of A's in it.  Four of them.  And no other vowels.  This is interesting. Almost as good as "Sequoia" having all the vowels.

Even better, if you remove three of the A's, then you can spell BLAM.


OK, that's sick.

But the real sicko thing is that the cold-hearted uberfucktard shot all those people in Huntsville and claimed, "It didn't happen. I wasn't there.  It wasn't me."  Furthermore, one of the students who sat in her class and watched her lecture that same day said she "seemed perfectly normal."

Can't make this shit up.  This utterly dwarfs the metaphor about fucktard proffies pissing into the wind and claiming they invented rain.  This uberfucktard, after all, can't be the naked emperor because she wasn't even there.

"What?" She shrugs.  "Me? I wasn't there.  It wasn't me. It didn't happen.  Mistakes were made. But it couldn't have been me.  I don't know what you're talking about."

{{{ sheepish shrug }}}

And then her student chimes in, "Well, actually, she was there, but she seemed perfectly normal."

Is this what they call the new normal?

I fucking hate this goddamned crap.  This is the fucking misery.  Not a single goddamned thing to laugh about.  Pure sadness and frustration.  Can't even get the satisfaction of blaming Harvard for this one, because apparently the uberfucktard had already murdered at least one other person before she attended Harvard.  This is the awful fucking misery.   The horror.  Goddamned shit.  The absurdity.


  1. The evasion of responsibility is deeply disturbing, but pales when compared to the sheer horror of the crime.

  2. It's a sad situation from any perspective. I'm no neurologist, but there seems to be pretty good evidence that there is, and for some time has been, something seriously wrong with Amy Bishop's brain (not, obviously, the part that allows one to get a Ph.D., but whatever parts allow for things like inhibition of antisocial impulses and empathy and the like). I strongly suspect it's pretty miserable to be her. Of course, it's at least equally miserable to be one of those she shot, or a survivor of one of her victims, or a (living) member of her family (I seem to remember she has young kids -- yet another set of victims).

    And I also strongly suspect that there could have been equal mayhem had she gone into the law, or investment banking, or floor mopping. Though denial of tenure may have been the trigger for her last (we hope) outburst of violence, I don't think we can blame this one on academia, screwed up as it is. While I can't in good conscience support the death penalty, I do find myself concerned for those who will have to guard and live with her in prison. At least she won't have access to guns there.


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