Wednesday, November 7, 2012

5 reasons to stop wearing sweatpants to class. From Some College Blog at the USA Today.

By Stephanie Weers

Don't be afraid to
dress it up
next semester!
Sweatpants and the just-rolled-out-of-bed look have become the standard uniform for many college students across the country, but have you ever thought there might be consequences resulting from to what you wear to class?

In addition to being taken less seriously by your professors and peers, studies show students who dress well for exams have greater confidence and performance.

While maybe you couldn’t care less about your classroom appearance and have already committed to your stretchy pants, here are five reasons to reconsider.



  1. Wear your pyjamas and tell people that you are from the Subcontinent.

  2. Tell the students: Wear a suit, a white shirt, a black tie. They might be dull, but they'll look sharp.

    1. Excellent advice for atheist students who want to be mistaken for Mormons.

  3. I don't give a fuck if my students come to class in gorilla suits and clown wigs, so long as they do the reading and have something intelligent to say. I'd rather have a smart, interesting kid in her jammy pants than a dolt in a tie-- window dressing only gets you so far (which, with me, is nowhere).

    Actually, I think it might be kindof cool if my students came to class in gorilla suits and clown wigs. Might shake things up a bit.

  4. "The reality is that yoga pants and a t-shirt won’t be acceptable in the real workplace, so why not skip the everyday gym clothes and start building your wardrobe with some quality items right now?"

    That isn't exactly true. With the rise of the geek, there are now plenty of businesses that realize the true importance of looking sharp to their employees' ability to function.

  5. I still prefer wearing m uniform when I go to school. I really feel I'm a student. Oh, do you know any free college courses available?


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