Friday, November 9, 2012


  1. I am trying (and failing miserably) to understand the context for this.

  2. We get all kinds of promotional items sent to us, wanting to hook into our 9 readers. This was one that came in today.

  3. Ah; okay; well, if she *wants* it on the blog, fair enough. At least she wants to advertise to us, not our students. I admire her initiative and willingness to diversify, and I'm probably not a good test audience, since I've no money to pay others to do such work (and would be tempted to pay someone else to grade while I wrote if I did -- except that I wouldn't, because I think it's important for professors to grade their own students' work), but my instinct is that she might do better if she targeted a single service or closely related group of services to a more specific audience with each sales pitch, even if she has multiple pitches out at once. It's fine to be both a spoken word performer/motivational speaker/actor and a writer/proofreader/editor, and to do some tutoring on the side, but those services probably belong on separate business cards/flyers.

    I'm also having trouble figuring out what the quotation from Proverbs signifies, other than "I'm a Christian" (or perhaps a Jew, but I haven't seen Jews use Biblical verses that way). Maybe one is supposed to read "man" gender-neutrally, in which case she's complimenting both herself and her prospective clients, but that isn't quite working for me (then again, I'm not in TX -- she may know here audience better than I. On the other hand, the folks who read this blog aren't all/mostly in TX, either).

    So I guess I'm seeing some audience problems -- not a good thing in the promotional materials for a writer (or, for that matter, a speaker/actor). Making the transition from expressing oneself (and/or one's ambitions) to communicating effectively with a specific audience is an important part of the maturing/professionalizing process in a number of communications-based professions. I don't think Ms. Johnson is quite there yet.

  4. Also she seems to have given no thought to her branding... She's either BirthWrite, 2d4, or ToFlyFour.

    None of these are good options unless your audience is super fundamentalists who get the birthright dogwhistle, teenybopers who think numbers are words, or illiterates who don't mind that none of the parts of speech in that twitter handle work.

    Using all three on one flyer makes her audience illiterate fundamentalist teenybopers.

  5. I can see that Roshanda is a gerund or gerundive, but I've no idea what it means....


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