Thursday, November 15, 2012

College student gets stuck between two buildings while intoxicated, has to be rescued by firefighters. From the Daily News.

A Rhode Island college student found herself stuck in a bad situation early Friday morning when she tried to run between two buildings and became wedged in the gap instead.

Trapped in an eight-inch alley, Courtney Malloy, 22, had to be rescued by the local fire department after witnesses heard her screaming for help around 12:45 am.
"We were walking by, and heard someone say 'Help me! I'm suffocating'," Dan LaPlante told WPRI-TV. "She said that she was hurt and couldn't move."

"She was completely shaking and panicking and out of shape," witness David Boutros, who owns a nearby bar, told the station. "She was panicking, she looked like she had a few alcohol… She didn't know what to do. She was stuck between two buildings. She was trapped and she was breathing heavy."



  1. This makes me laugh because I wonder if she is related to Connecticut's governor!!! I think he has ties to Cheshire------she could be his niece or something!!

  2. After a few days, she would have dropped a few pounds and could have slide out. Or maybe somebody could have gone to Costco to buy a couple gallons of vegetable oil so she could slide out. There are so many endings to this story that are more amusing than just calling the fire department.

    1. Kids these days just have no creative problem solving abilities!

  3. I'm thinking that there's a metaphor in here somewhere for how students approach college, but I'm too brain-dead from reading papers where students wrestle with metaphors (some more successfully than others) to explicate it.


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