Monday, November 5, 2012

God Bless RYS.

7 years and 2 days ago, "The Professor" opened up Rate Your Students. This page and community would not exist without that little act.




As we begin, let's be clear. Rating students and professors is a gigantic waste of energy and time. But as long as continues to operate mostly unmoderated and with no real intention of limiting anonymous attacks from anyone who'd like to log in, we will operate over here on our little site.

We will rate our students here. And we will do it without compunction. Then we'll just see where we're at. We'll still be poor academics. But at least those callous and ignorant ‘customers’ of ours will know what it's like. What we believe here is that if it's little, you say it's little.”


Merciless in Ohio.

An English professor from a college in Ohio writes:

My dream is to face down baseball playing D, and tell him that I won't shed a tear for him when he blows his hose. He's never prepared for class, and he mostly shows up so he can run his mouth into the sweet ear of that sorority candy who sits next to him.

I'm expected to meet him at his own whim when he can't make my class or my office hours. I get faux-frantic calls from the Coach who thinks D might go the "show" someday, and wouldn't it be great for the college when he does.

I'd just like him to write his own paper once. Or at least crack the spine of that $40 textbook.

I'd like to smack his smug face.


  1. Just think: D is now most likely underemployed and has broken up with the sorority candy, not without begetting neglected, unhappy kids. Sometimes, when people get what they deserve, I wish I hadn't wished it on him.

  2. A $40 textbook? Man, those were the days!

  3. I'd be happy if D had actually BOUGHT his book. One of my basketball players today claimed he hadn't read the chapter because he hadn't bought the book yet and the bookstore sent back all extras at midterm time.

  4. I read a bunch of RYS today because of this post. The angst is WAY heavier than the ennui. But I love it.


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