Sunday, November 4, 2012

STDs still an issue on campus. From the Northwest Missourian.

by Matt Leimkuehler

 Infectious, dangerous and deathly, HIV is a plague that crosses college campuses nationwide.

Sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV, exist at Northwest, yet students still partake in unprotected sex, endangering themselves and their sexual partner. According to research conducted by Health Services of the University of New Hampshire, 20-25 percent of all college students are infected with an STD. The research also stated that approximately 9 million people under the age of 25 are diagnosed with an STD each year.
Senior Christian Grady was diagnosed with HIV in spring 2008 and has learned to cope with his mistake and whom he has become. Grady was already battling bipolar disorder and dealing with the social anxiety of being a young, gay male when he heard the news.

“For a long time I hibernated,” Grady said. “I dealt with depression, and it was hard.”
Grady had to battle his mental angst and continue to live his life as best he can.
“Certain people are afraid and scared; they act like I have the plague,” Grady said. “That reflects who they are as a person.”

Judy Frueh, clinic supervisor at University Wellness Services, knows there are students like Grady on our campus and wishes they would take the precautions to prevent the spreading of such diseases.

“You are going to see these cases at all campuses in all areas,” Frueh said. “We have to make these students feel comfortable and give them the help they truly need.”



  1. Another reason for Winston from Wisconsin to avoid "nookie" with students like, well, the plague.

  2. "Deathly"??

    This writer clearly knows very little about the current state of HIV research and viral load detection. And it's a bit ridiculous to be talking about HIV like it's the 1990s. People are living into their golden years with undetectable viral loads -- not just Magic Johnson, but average folks. We've come a far way in the past 30 years.

    Gonorrhea? Now that's an STD that is becoming almost incurable. That's the one to be afraid of.


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