Tuesday, December 4, 2012

America's Most Dangerous Colleges.

I'm safe in my study
tree, though.
College is hard enough without having to worry about serious crime. Yet crime is a reality on and around many college campuses.

The FBI's Uniform Crime Report identified 2,696 violent crime incidents and 87,160 property crime incidents on and around college campuses in 2011.

We ranked the most dangerous colleges by averaging FBI crime data per capita from 2008 to 2011 for schools with enrollment over 10,000. Schools were ranked based on a combination of violent crime rank and property crime rank, with violent crime weighted four times higher.

#25: Florida Sate
#24: UC-Riverside
#23: Arkansas State

Complete List.


  1. This kind of list disturbs me far more than the usual US Snooze ones, because it provides an incentive for colleges and universities to discourage the reporting of violent crime, especially rape, by creating various sorts of "counseling" and internal judicial processes that often don't serve the victim well. I'm sure that the legislation requiring the FBI to gather, and schools to publicize, crime data was written in all good faith, but it has had some disturbing unintended consequences. I'm not sure of all of the unintended consequences of this proposal, but my instinct is to say that all crime beyond a certain very low level (e.g. minor traffic/parking issues, maybe drunk & disorderly, though I'm not even so sure about that) should be required to be reported to the regular local authorities (not a separate on-campus force).

  2. I know folks on some of these campuses. It's not joke how prevalent crime is on these campuses. The Cleary Act just makes these colleges wash their hands as quickly as possible if any crime happens half a centimeter off their property.

    I went to a conference at one of these schools: I was advised to not walk anywhere after 8pm, not to carry cash over $20, and to call 911 because if something happened and it turned out that I was technically off campus, the campus PD would not come to assist me.

    The schools act offended by this report, but I bet if they polled their students, then they would learn how truly terrified many of them are to even walk across campus when it gets dark.


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