Thursday, December 6, 2012

Status Check from Atua Bear.

• Daytime drinking and higher education go together like peas and carrots. lol Really, if you haven't already got one, get a flask and make your coffee Irish during the day.

• John Lennon is the only reason my brain is actually working right now. Would it be weird if I dedicated my course final paper to him?

• Studying for my [basketweaving] final is going to be the death of me... UGH!!! Pray for my sanity, pulling an all nighter grrrrr!

• Measuring my life by pages written, coffee cups, and songs.

• Whoever didn't come to class today, didnt get the passcode to take the Final exam.....professor from hell right here

• Just tutored a student who wrote about racism in the Korean War in the 1940s (!!!!!!!), which was immediately outshined by a student who believed Toni Morrison didn't write about race issues and only told stories about black people for fun. I mold minds.

• Making myself stay in the library until I finish this paper.....people talking--> go to Starbucks. kthanksbye.

• Spending my Thursday evening writing a research essay on canned tuna. Yes, canned tuna. If anyone believes that this is even a remotely scintillating topic, I can confidently report that it is not, and I'm barely on the second really doesn't help that I hate tuna (with a single exception). Gross. At least this is keeping me from snacking.

• Can't tell if 5th phase of editing is bettering or worsening paper. Saving multiple drafts for no reason. Death be not proud.

• who decided group projects were a good idea......?

• i still don't understand why i always get the urge to go for a run when i have a paper to write

• Quick way to piss of your TA: "Hey can you make copies of the final for tomorrow?"’’

• Dear college students everywhere, I know you're tired. I know you're over it. I know you have papers and finals to study for. but KEEP AT IT! Only a few more weeks. Nothing worth having is easy. I know someone, somewhere needed to hear that! Signed, The black actor kid thats over school as well

• At the end of all this, I will have coffee running through my veins instead of blood.

• Nutella crepes, get us through finals week! Almost there :)

• Do I want to write about Shakespeare and tragedy or watch Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom......uhhh not even a question

• Finished another paper. Only a presentation, one exam, 2 papers, & one project left. Then 5 finals. Plus there's extra credit I could do for 2 of my classes lol we'll c if I get to that!

• My number one, student pet peeve this semester is when I ask for a hardcopy of a 10 page term paper and receive emails like this: "I submitted it via SafeAssign, but didn't submit a hardcopy, which shouldn't be an inconvenience."

• the awkward moment when the teacher asks whether people would like to stay and watch a documentary or go home and then realizes it was a stupid question

• One assignment stands between me and freedom and I have zero motivation!!!! Instead of being productive I watched lifetime movies and law and order SVU all night...better luck tomorrow?

• Don't let our smiles deceive u! [basketweaving] class at the beach still sucks!! But it was really pretty :)


  1. Facebook status update you'll never see:

    "Hey everyone! After 2 weeks away, I'm back! I'm glad I stepped away so I could get my research paper done without distractions."

  2. These students still listen to John Lennon?


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