Tuesday, January 8, 2013

From Strelnikov. (Note from the Moderator: Some of the Info in the Link Is Very Disturbing. What Were You Expecting?)

A link from DemocracyNow on the Stubensville high school football team rape case; I know it isn't college, but these chodes were future collegeathletes or frat jackasses....there is a thin line between what went on here and what has gone on at colleges in the past.


Death to Organized Foo'ball!


  1. I saw this a few days ago. Made it through 11 seconds of the video before I had to turn it off.

    Where do,these kids learn to,behave this way? This is Lord of the Fucking Flies right in the middle of a middle class suburb.

    Then again, if you caught the footage of last nights bowl game where the commentators were drooling over the qb's girlfriend, it's not hard to understand, I guess. Women are still seen as objects. Until that changes, this kind of shit will continue to happen.

    1. The Anonymous guy claims the town is corrupt as hell, and that this gang rape is the mung coming to the surface.


      ^Mr. X's website. Notice it is in Russia.

    2. Bitch magazine has a good compendium of information on the case:

      Including the fact that the boy in the video is now a student on scholarship at Ohio State.

  2. In my experience there's lots of ugliness in the world, but I don't think this page has to reflect this. Shame on Leslie K for putting the link up. If Strelnikov wanted to publicize that video he should have put it up himself.

    I commend EMH for toning down some of his inappropriate and questionable interplay, and I wish that Strelnikov would moderate himself a bit.

    Am I alone in this?

    PS: I've heard all the "This is the NFL" bullshit and dickswinging before, so please don't use that as your excuse.

    1. I have to say I'm with Kimmie on this.

      Additionally, shouldn't there be a rule about threats of violence against students, even "comical" ones that make up most of Strelnikov's additions to the page?

      I know it's part of his schtick, and indeed the schtick of the blog, but I don't think it's funny, and it certainly is inappropriate.

    2. You didn't have to open the post. You could have scrolled past it, as many others here will, because this is not something they care to discuss.

    3. To reverse what they say in that Nolan movie: "Either live long enough to see yourself become a villain, or die a hero."

      Yes, I don't think the students are worthy of college, but then I think Americans are too stupid to be Bossmen of the World, and the government lusts too much for ultimate power.

      If they weren't such grade-grubbing narcissistic pieces of plastic with sniveling parents, I would not be the vicious bastard that I am.

      And Kimmie, I still think AA is a fraud.

    4. Uh? AA's a fraud. Okay. I have a vague memory about that coming up, but there's no way I would have said anything other than it's possible AA works for some people. I mean, I know a couple of colleagues who are in AA who have made great strides in personal and professional ways through it.

      But, fuck, I'm a happy drunk and don't know what goes in on those church basements.

      If it is a fraud, then so be it. This was years ago, right? Do you have some kind of spreadsheet where you keep track of real and imagined slight.

      I, too, want to say that at first, I thought Strelnikov's violence threats were kind of edgy and funny. But, man, not everything thing in the world is a nail.

    5. Just in general on Strelly - I generally like Strel's contributions to the blog and have never found them offensive, even when I have disagreed. I like this particular "schtick." Under no circumstances have I ever had the slightest notion or impression that any of the "threats of violence" were at all serious.

  3. I like it. I think in addition to stories about rape and threats of murder, we should class the entire site up with the wonderful necromancy of the modern world.

    What better way to portray the academy. The only commenters I agree with on this page are Electrical Math Hologram, Honest Prof, Strelnikov, and AdjunctSlave.

    The rest are, you already know, pussies.

  4. I'd ask that we don't roll every other old angstiness into this thread, okay? The infighting bores me senseless, and I always get mail about it from people who are regulars, who love the page, and don't speak up in the comments so they can avoid getting lambasted by the few among us who think teeing someone up is the height of achievement.

    I did not want to post the link, but did after I was asked to a second time. I made a mistake, but I deferred to a longtime member of the page, because that's what we do here, play favorites.


    Discuss the issue if you want, skip it if you want. Don't judge the page on one post, one comment, or one member of the community.

    Leslie K

    PS: We need some of that "feminine" energy Fab was always being called out for.

    1. I appreciate Leslie K's explanation. Who called Fab feminine? I am missing all kinds of references today.

  5. Hi everyone.

    Leslie K's a real world pal of mine and so whenever shit flies I always feel a mite guilty for getting her involved... :)

    But, I heard these sorts of back and forths all the time. Lots of people wrote to me about decisions that were made to post or not post, allow, disallow, enforce the rules or not.

    It's not an exact science. I understand why Leslie hesitated to put the link up. It is awful. It's a terrible story. I guess Strelly sees its connection to our mission and all that, and of course we can skip it if we want.

    I just wish - naively, in my feminine way, that the page was little more fun. Of course there are horrors out there, and I've never been convinced that Strelnikov is actually serious about his murderous intents. (I mean, except when Deans are involved. That's a joke.)

    Sometimes threads just spiral and I think they should just be shut down. Nothing good is coming of this one, right? Or am I wrong.

    1. I don't know. I think it's worth talking about, but it looks like I am the only one so far. I find the behavior of these boys appalling, and you betchyerboots they're coming to a college campus near you, once this dies down. Miami isn't immune to this sort of behavior any more than my tiny Ohio lib arts alma mater was.

    2. We're in Ogden now. Didn't you make the move with the rest of us? All 4 of us are at the Red Roof Inn.

      And as for the mumbo jumbo above? I've gotten embroiled a couple of times in threads like that and I sort of made a promise to myself to stay out.

      I sort of think the blog belongs to Leslie K. She should do what she wants. Nobody is forced to be here. Well except for the 4 of us, I guess.

    3. I couldn't take all the Mormons and their gold-plated issues, so I'm telecommuting from my foxhole in Cheeseheadland.

  6. All 4 of us are at the Red Roof Inn.

    Um, no. The five profs who run the AdjunctSlave persona are at the Motel6 about a mile and half up the road, across from the Dairy Queen. While one of us writes this, two are kicking the vending machine in the hall for free chips while the other two go out to get beer.

    Should we bring a few six packs over to the Red Roof?

  7. Meanwhile we just passed 4.9 million. That's a lot of vanity clicks.

  8. You want an explanation?

    I see sports money as corrosive to education, no matter at what level....it's not just that these guys are amoral, laborcampable, assholes, it's that they were the big wheels in Steubensville, Ohio. They could've killed the girl after raping her, and probably gotten away with it. The whole situation is fucked, and we all know similar crap has gone on at colleges across the country, but they hush it up better.

    I admire Amy Goodman and DemocracyNow; you know, she had a stroke a few years ago and the left side of her face was paralized, yet she did the show anyway. You can't see it now, thanks to the therapy, unless you knew what she looked like before.

    Kimmy can't remeber how we tangoed a few years ago in a thread where there was loads of dramah (Int. spel.) about booze and 12 step and on and on.

    "You'll hunt me. You'll condemn me. Set the dogs on me. Because that's what needs to happen." - a certain Mannish Bat thing

    1. Strel,

      September 8, 2010: EnglishDoc says "Get to AA, go back to rehab if you need to, but do something," in a post about a colleague.

      September 9, 2010: Strelly says "I'm sorry, but AA doesn't work," to which Merely Academic, Eating Low Salt, and Miserable Adjunct address your statement; Miserable Adjunct asks you directly, "I've been sober for 29 years and 2 months in AA. At what point can I accept your assertion that AA doesn't work?"

      Then you and Miserable Adjunct (and also Marcia Brady) have some very specific remarks about AA.

      Toward the end of the thread, I wrote this: "It seems to me that Strelnikov has a problem with AA. Maybe he could work that issue out on his own instead of wacking away at folks who - it seems - have had success with the program."

      The people who claim success are in the thread above my comment. I was hardly tangoing with you. You never replied to me, of course; I guess you were saving it up for today!

      So, here we are quite a bit later and your memory is pretty sharp about. I had to look it up, and was glad to, since I don't have to teach tomorrow anyway.

      You're welcome.

    2. FWIW....
      31 years later...I'm still trying to figure out if it works or not.
      So far, so good. And my life has turned out a lot better than it would have with blackouts violence...

  9. Obviously, I missed much drama by being busy today working out a schedule for one of my students to allow her to graduate with 2 minors.

    But is sounds as though some here want to pretend the Steubbenville ugliness didn't happen?

    It did.
    It does.
    Ignoring it isn't helpful.

    Reading Strel's suggestions for scum like this is at least a little cathartic.

    I find myself wanting to institute a mandatory course for female students on how to maim an attacker with their bare hands.

    Or at least, as was mentioned in a recent post, "staple their dicks to the floor".

    1. Hi Faris. I don't think anyone wants to ignore it. I mean, are we supposed to list every horror involving sorta-college-age people on here? And if we have horrible video and images, should they be posted as well?

      I may be out of my mind on this, but I really don't think that's what the blog has been about all this time.

      Of course it's horrible. But, the implication is that if we're not embracing and reveling in the story that we're not really good people, rightfully alarmed. I'd be a lot more impressed if anyone actually did something about these crimes against humanities rather than just posting a link about it.

      I know I'll get nailed for saying this. It is not my first time at this particular rodeo.

  10. Faris said it better than me.

    But I will quibble with one bit. As a self-defense instructor, I've seen women come in crying because they were assaulted and told that it was their fault for not "knowing self-defense."

    I've done self defense for years and I am a combat sports practitioner. But if someone wanted to sneak up on me with a weapon and they watched me for long enough they could do it. Of if someone wanted to slip something in my drink. Or, or, or....

    I don't think Faris was going that route AT ALL but I just like to pipe up whenever someone brings up the idea of women's self-defense as a requirement or as a panacea. Because 1) that puts the onus of work on women to avoid being raped instead of on men to not rape and 2) because even the most well-trained individual might not be able to stop an attack, and hearing that they SHOULD have been able to do so and that they have failed THEMSELVES is just too much.

    Again, I'm not saying that is what anyone here was saying.

    I'm just saying.

    *feels awkward*

    1. You're right--I by no means meant to imply that the onus of preventing such atrocities lay with those subjected to them.

      The sad fact is that we're no better than the youth of Delhi, as a culture.

      I just wonder, from time to time, if these dickwads thought that there was even a 50-50 chance that the next person they fucked with might castrate them without any tools, if they'd think twice about it.

  11. This is an important video, and I appreciate that the link was posted.

  12. I didn't watch the video, which I suspected would be all kinds of triggering, but I followed one of the links under it to the Anonymous website where they've put up as much 'information' as they have - since they don't post much evidence it's hard to know how much is true. Of course I had read about the case already, as everyone has. I had, certainly, already suspected that the victim was drugged.

    I think this is about sports money and its corrosive effect on education, as Strel says; so I thought it was relevant to this blog. They may be high school kids this time round, but they aren't always. I am very grateful that we don't have this kind of money sunk into sports north of the border. Athletics matter up here, some, but athletes really don't. There are, of course, still rapists, gang rapists, people who will drug a young student's drink, and police coverups for favourite sons. Just not so much for high school or university athletes.

    Not sure we needed the link to the video but I appreciate the chance to talk about the case, which has certainly been on my mind. It has made me wonder how many of my students have been victims; or perps; and what I can say in class that might assist anyone to grasp that rape culture may be so all-pervasive that we can no more see it than fish can see water; but that doesn't make it okay and it doesn't make it unchangeable.

    I recently ran into an analysis of implied recovery from sexual violence and Black Widow in "Avengers" and I'm trying to think of a way of suggesting it as a reading for, well, any class. Pity I don't teach pop culture. I'm still thinking.

    1. Thanks for that link to the post on the Black Widow . Despite some misspellings, there are the seeds of a good argument to be made in there. I see her as the audience stand-in (human, highly-trained but unaugmented). And one of the reasons that I enjoy Joss Whedon's oeuvre so much is that his female characters subvert the stereotype of the helpless pretty girl.

  13. Aw, Jesus people let it go. Find something new to fight about fer Chrissakes. It's fucking boring.

    And as far as I'm concerned, this video is directly related to the kind of shit we have to deal with. We have to teach these little fuckers NEXT YEAR. Those boys will be in our classrooms. What will we do then?

    Seriously. That's a question. What will we do then?

    1. I don't know the answer to your question. Can you tell who's a rapist by looking at him? I couldn't. And I thank my heavenly stars on a daily basis that my school does not have "big" sports. The jocks and muscleheads go to Big Flagship School.

      But the attitude of those boys in that town is an attitude replicated all over this country--there is nothing unusual in it. And that is what is so fucking sad. That this is the dialogue we're still having. That these boys are no better than the rapists in India, where that woman committed suicide last week. Or anywhere else where women are denied full agency and full rights as human beings. Anywhere women are looked upon as objects to be won. Or used and discarded.


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