Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mathesian's Meetup Is On.

We, the mathematicians of CM, will meet at 7 pm PST, January 10th, at Craft & Commerce, on 675 Beech Street, between India and Kettner, in San Diego. I will be wearing a beanie cap.


  1. I'm trying the link in the post and it's not working. Maybe it's a temporary glitch. I went to this link, though, and good god it looks like fun. Lots of alcohol, for one thing. And probably no rain, snow, or snowflakes. Hopefully they'll have π on the dessert menu. I am tempted to call in sick and fly over there tomorrow for the crazziness.

  2. Anyone else having trouble with the link? It seems to work on my end. Sorry, Bubba.

  3. Aww. Makes me wish I was a mathematician, cause I would be there.

    Of course, if I was a mathematician, I'd be making six figures as an actuary instead of grading horrible papers for minimum wage.

    1. Hang in there, Bison!

  4. I hate that I'm missing the (first?) meetup.

    I guess unless you count Fab and Yaro's meeting.

    Have fun, and report to us!

  5. Clearly I'm not the only one who thinks this is a FAB idea. So let's make them happen.

  6. Have fun! Am I correct in assuming that beanie caps are *not* standard wear at the mathematicians' convention, and so that will be a distinguishing feature? (The mathematicians I knew in grad school wore ordinary clothes, plus choir robes on Sunday -- as did I, since we were all in the choir together -- but that's the extent of my experience).


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