Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Today's VidShizzle.


  1. So either piercing girl has V.I. Lenin as a professor... or Stelly. I'm voting for Lenin after all he's well preserved.

    1. She's not one o' mine; though she deserves a sock in the jaw.

    2. Jersey Shore got cancelled so she's back in school....

  2. I love the dancing at the 3:20 mark...

  3. Now I'm even more glad I added a "don't video the class and post it on the internet" clause to my syllabus.

    And what was that woman who kept yelling out lists of countries trying to accomplish? Was that a map quiz? Some sort of lecturing strategy designed to enable accurate note-taking?

    I have to say, though, I don't think the professors who are challenging their students to footraces and allowing students to pie them in the face are helping matters (I'm not sure about the dancing dude; I suspect he's trying to convey some sort of mnemonic device, though it's hard to tell). Some of the blame, I think, goes to elementary school principals, who seem to be given to all sorts of odd stunts involving public discomfort, humiliation, and/or student-imposed grooming decisions these days. Once upon a time, principals were feared. We could use a bit more of that, I think.


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