Friday, February 1, 2013

College Students Find Sugar Daddies to Pay for Tuition. From WCTV (Tallahassee).

Sugar Daddies have become real popular these days.

Not the the caramel candy on a stick that you may have eaten as a kid.

But, an older gentleman with a wallet and bank account full of dough.

Tallahassee Resident David Riley says, "You gotta do what you gotta do these days. It's a dog eat dog world. But, a sugar daddy?" defines the modern sugar daddy as "a successful and generous man who is willing to pamper and offer financial help or gifts to a young person in return for friendship and companionship."

The company says as tuition hikes continue, more college students are turning to Sugar Daddies to get by.

FSU student Kaylee Blanchard says, "There's many ways that you can do it. You can apply for loans; you can apply for scholarships; get a job. I know that there's not many jobs out there, but, there's definitely ways you can make money besides going on this website."

FSU is number 14 on the top 20 list of the Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Schools in 2012.



  1. The most emotionally scarred students I've had have been prostitutes.

  2. well, we are turning education into a commodity to be bought and sold in the market, why not the students as well...

  3. I try to live in the modern world, but this story just made me sick to the stomach. Is there nothing we won't stoop to?

  4. For the cost of tuition, I'll just take the high end prostitute instead.

  5. First, this is making photos of guys in my area who appear to be age-appropriate for me, but who, based solely on usernames and self-presentation in photos, I really, really don't want to date, or even necessarily run into in a dark alley, pop up in my sidebar.

    I'm sure it's partially a matter of personality (not to mention never having had the looks/body type for it), but I can't imagine doing this. It sounds even worse than stripping, which sounds pretty bad. But I *am* a bit suspicious of laws which outlaw prostitution, and so bar the less-powerful (the young, mostly but not exclusively women) from one possible means of extracting money from the more powerful that *is* fairly lucrative in contrast to other options (mind you, I have no problem with outlawing pimping, or employing a prostitute younger than 18; in fact, I think those would be very useful safeguards in any jurisdiction that did allow prostitution). I'm also pretty sure that, in a society where there were more better options (and a better social safety net, and better treatment for addiction) available, this practice, and other forms of prostitution, would decrease precipitately.

    It's also an interesting thought-experiment to think about how this compares to another way in which the young are invited to trade the pleasure others gain through the use of their bodies for college tuition: college sports, and especially college football. Having played college football won't damage a student's reputation in future employers', friends', and/or spouses' eyes, but it can cause permanent physical damage (including damage that might also be categorized as psychological: e.g. problems with emotional regulation), and I suspect that college football players graduate at a lower rate than "sugar babies." It's also interesting that in both case the older adults who participate probably see themselves as "supporting" the younger adults' college careers.


    1. Interesting parallel, Cassandra. Another one (albeit less damaging) is the beauty pageant industry that used to promote "Miss America" and "America's Junior Miss" as scholarship programs.

    2. Yuck, indeed.

      In both cases (football players and "sugar babies"), the exploitation and/or abuse almost always began well before the person was 18 years old. That is not fair to the child, and it typically sets them on unfortunate paths.

      WRT reputations: All other things being equal, I would prefer a spouse who had not been a prostitute or football player. They tend to be people who have been physically or psychologically damaged in ways that are not immediately apparent. Is that fair? No, it's not fair.

      The world would be a better place if 18-year-olds weren't turned out by pimps and multimillionaire NCAA football coaches.

    3. Indeed. I think I actually may be wrong about football and reputation with future employers (and possibly spouses). I suspect people may look askance at former football players in a decade or so in the same way that they look askance at former boxers now (and I do think that being a former boxer would not be a recommendation in most white-collar employers' eyes. Someone looking for a bouncer is another matter.)

      I've got a young (as in middle-school-age) cousin who plays football, and has a body type and level of skill that are bringing interest from scouts. I'm really torn. On the one hand, it's clearly a really important bonding opportunity for him and his father (a former high school football player, and a really great guy, who didn't go on to college. That's probably partly because he and his now-wife conceived this son the spring of their senior year in high school, but the wife went back to school pretty quickly, and became a RN/B.S.N., while he's been working the sort of blue-collar jobs that need to be done, and done well -- at the moment, I believe he's driving transport for developmentally-disabled adults -- but that will become harder to do as he ages). On the other hand, the kid gets decent if not stellar grades, and I really worry that he's going to get sucked into the football machine and either not make it through college (which I think he could probably do), or make it through but face problems later.

  6. I notice that Northeastern Ghetto Tech is on the list....I knew there were people desperate enough to go down `hood routes - thought they would at least work at the 7-11 and deal dope on the side or some other chucklefuck bullsheet.

    I could've been the Fake Russian Pimpmeister*!


    * Who sells home-made "Victory Gin" and stole subway tokens on the side....

  7. Oh look, my employer is on the list! I wonder if the deans will put that in the promotional literature next year? That might actually redeem them in some small way for all their other mendacious behavior. Maybe I'll put that in their suggestion box.

    1. @Archie: Good to see you're alive. They're letting you use your laptop in the hospital?

    2. Somebody blow the candle out in the new offices in Ogden. Archie has found his way home...

      - Compound Cal


      IT'S Angry Archie!

      I didn't scare him off, unlike that Russian or Ukranian woman!!

      How are you, Archie?

    4. They let me out of the padded cell, at least temporarily. I have to check in with the social worker to show I'm still on my meds. I was sure you'd all have killed the site by now. I mean what's taking so fucking long? I mean, if you want to do it there's better ways than twitter. Just sayin'

    5. Hey, Archie! Good to see you, and to hear that you're still about as sane as the rest of us (which admittedly ain't saying much). As for killing the site, that's the RGM's job; I just follow orders (well, as much as any academic follows orders, which is not much; the herding-cats metaphor is apt, if cliched. That may, in fact, be the key to the RGMs' inability to kill the site: academics don't tend to work well together toward any goal. Of course, that fact may well kill of the universities and colleges, which will presumably kill off CM as a side effect.

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