Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Now them's the kind we want taking care of life-or-death matters

"Medical school applicants skirt rules: New rules to stop 'hedge hopping'"

Fav part: "Although the admission requirements have been the same for 25 years, the 'gaming' is only recently on the rise." See? It's not your morbid imagination. The world really is going to hell in a handbasket.


  1. Wasn't there always gaming of the system? It used to be by connections. Now it's a question of technically meeting requirements with the least amount of actual learning.

  2. Because that's what we want in our physicians. *sigh*

    There's a medical program in Canuckistan -- at McMaster University -- that actually seeks out candidates with interest and aptitude in a range of studies, with the understanding that science can be taught, but inclination and clinical skills cannot. I've had friends who pursued undergrad (and graduate) degrees in fine and liberal arts, who became fine physicians thanks to this program.


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