Monday, March 11, 2013

A Rules Reminder.

Three times in the past 2 weeks I've offered reminders in the comments about not posting under "non-names." Yesterday I did delete 2 comments posted in that manner.

The rule states: "Do not post anonymously or with 'non-names' like Nobody, No One, Anonymous Prof, etc."

The rest of the arcane, arbitrary, subjective, pitiless, capricious, and draconian rules can be seen here.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Good grief, why didn't I think of that.

    Edmonton Avondale Toronto. Saskatoon Halifax Ingersoll Treherne. Leader Eatonia Souris.

    1. Ithaca. Louisville Oxnard Vacaville Eugene. Yakima Oakland Utica. Trenton Odessa Ojai.

  3. Chesil Orpington Salisbury. Yeovil Oxford Uffington Rugby Eastleigh. Ashby. Greenwich Oldham Oswestry Dunwich. Gloucester Uttoxeter York.

  4. Yountville Ontario Uxbridge. Detroit Oglethorpe Nantucket Trinity. Boulder Utopia Yachats. Malibu Exeter. Fulton Laredo Ojai Waxahachie Elba Rome Santee. Andover Nashua Yorktown Moline Ogallala Rockaway Eton. Juanita Eldora Rochester Katonah.

  5. I want to report a violation of the first listed rule of CM.

    When I click on the horizontal line in the upper right corner of my browser, it minimizes my experience here. Please tell Firefox to stop that.

  6. To posters:

    Think of the word "Rules" as a synonym for "Syllabus."

    Read it!

  7. They can have an old pejoritave nickname I would give people: "Fartos."

    So we can have Mr. Fartos, Ms. Fartos, Mrs. Fartos, Jimmy Fartos the Whole-Wheat Wonderboy, Sir Fartos, Comrade Fartos, Sayid Fartos, Se~nor Fartos, Senora Fartos, Fartos the Magnificent, Josif Vissaronovitch Fartos and on you go.

  8. Any chance that some of these instances may be technical glitches? I remember somebody within the last week or two claimed a comment posted as "unknown" (or some such non-name), saying (s)he had posted as usual, and that's how it came up. I ask because I've found my comments double-posted a few times recently (a problem I'd never encountered before, but I believe others have). Maybe blogger is getting buggy again?

    [sorry; that was too long to spell out in geographical names. Laredo Utica Victoria Youngstown Alberta, Rochester Guinea Missoula Southwark.]

  9. Omaha Houston Denver Uriah Honolulu! Indianapolis Gainesville Ellensburg Toronto Independence Tacoma!! Yankton Abilene Yakima!


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